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The Spiritual Golfer

Robert "Lumpy" Lumpkin

Tiger Woods - The Big Miss

Publishers notes: Abiding deep within every golfer's spirit is a unique swing. Whether a beginner or advanced player, all golfers can dramatically improve their shot-making skills by taking an exciting and revealing journey inside "The Spiritual Golfer." This intriguing page turner unravels the mystery and confusion surrounding playing great golf! From the boom of blasting the ball off the first tee, to the comforting sound of the ball dropping into the cup on the last hole, this book reads more like a novel than a cut-and-dried instruction book. It is filled with real life stories, humour and pictures, all wrapped up into an adventure you'll truly enjoy!

Golf Today Review: The central premise of this book being that the top golfers don't fight the natural golf swing which is within them. Which I rather found a curious notion having just listened to The Big Miss by Hank Haney who constantly referred to trying to coach Tiger Woods out of his natural tendencies!

The author makes three key points about all the top golfers and then tries to translate that in to how regular golfers can benefit from this knowledge. These being

1) Conquer fear,

2) Accept the environment they find themselves in

3) Natural co-ordination, trust your golf swing (don't worry about hitting the ball, just thinking about swinging the club, timing, rhythm & tempo just swing within themselves.)

Each of these key premises is studied and then the author basically launches in to a regular tuition style type book,

As an instruction book converted to audio book I did quickly discover the fundamental problem, the narrator referring to photographs and illustrations which of course are absent from the audio book!

I'm not convinced all books convert well to different formats, instruction books with images I don't think make the best audio books, nor do catalogues make the best electronic books either. For example when discussing the grip, that's quite tricky in words, far simpler in a photograph or illustration. And when he starts on an double pendulum swing illustration pointing out L1, L2 and L3... it doesn't work! That's even before we get the reading of some tables...

The book meanders through all the salient topics a beginning golfer might need to know, from different shot types, etiquette, and various game variations (that seemed to go on forever!) but each is really just glossed over, not enough depth to be really useful, interesting, but I didn't learn anything and rather felt the book was padded out with some unnecessary "extracts" or vague stories about "friends" who just happened to verify the point the author is trying to make. The worst bit of padding though was a lengthy final chapter, summarising the whole book!

I somehow felt this book didn't quite live up to the expectations I had when I read the title and the accompanying text, an "exciting and revealing journey inside" is actually revealed to basically be an introductory tuition book, not some deep aspect of the mental side of golf, or even anything really spiritual or religious or similar that might have been assumed from first glance.

Audio book notes: I listened to the audio book version of this book and this was narrated by Chris Brinkley in a nice American manner. Quality was excellent, the only fundamental issue was referring to images that you obviously couldn't see and there has to be a better way of reading out tables of data! The Spiritual Golfer (Unabridged) is available from Audible logo


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