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Nine holes... two flags... you decide. Risk and reward. That's the essence of PowerPlay Golf.

PowerPlay Golf is a new nine-hole form of golf, where there are two flags on every green. You can score extra points if you take a 'PowerPlay' and go for the Black Flag, but you have a limited number of 'PowerPlays' in your round - so you must choose wisely and be ready to take risks. Call it golf's equivalent of Twenty20 cricket, if you will. Quicker, more fun, intensely competitive.

You can play strokeplay, using the Stableford scoring system with extrapoints for PowerPlays, or go head-to-head in matchplay and use your PowerPlays tactically to 'trump' your opponent's score. You can play singles, foursomes or fourballs - you decide.

You can register now as a PowerPlay Golfer simply by clicking here - it's absolutely free, and you can play in official events, create or join a PowerPlay League and even send in your scores to get a World Ranking! You'll also receive details of local PowerPlay Golf events straight to your Inbox, and get special offers exclusive to PowerPlay Golfers!

Decisions, decisions... Northwick Park, a PowerPlay Golf Super Venue

There are already over 300 official venues in Great Britain and Ireland for you to experience the thrill of attacking the black flag at a course near you. A further 50 courses around the globe from New Zealand to Canada and from the Ukraine to South Africa are also flying the PowerPlay flags, and more are joining all the time.

The principle of PowerPlay Golf is simple. Playing the game will test you and your golf swing to the full, but it's guaranteed to be exciting! So why not discover now if you have what it takes to challenge the black flags?

See how to play - find yourself a course - and enjoy the new way to play golf!






Peter McEvoy OBE, one of the founders of PowerPlay Golf
Peter McEvoy OBE

What is PowerPlay Golf?
PowerPlay Golf is the exciting new competitive golf format, where golfers attack tougher pin positions to achieve better scores. Played over 9 holes, there are two flags on each green - with bonus points on offer for golfers who score net Birdie or better when going for the difficult Black Flags.

Who invented the game?
Peter McEvoy OBE, the former Walker Cup captain and the only European amateur to ever make the cut at The Masters, is one of the founders of the format.

Why was it invented?
Because pressures of work and family life are making it more difficult for golfers to devote more than five hours for a traditional 18 hole game. PowerPlay Golf's unique 9-hole format means the game should be completed in under two hours. It was also introduced to bring additional 'risk and reward' excitement into the game of golf - along the lines of Twenty20 Cricket.

The 10th at The Belfry, with the PowerPlay Golf white and black flags in their classic risk/reward positions
The green at the world-famous par 3 10th hole at The Belfry perfectly illustrates here the risk/reward principles of PowerPlay Golf, with the positions of the white and black flags

What are the rules?
The usual Rules of Golf apply, but the difference being that there are two flags on the green, a black one and a white one. Every golfer must use EXACTLY three PowerPlays (go for the Black Flags) in your first eight holes. If you score a net birdie or better, your Stableford points score is doubled - so scoring on a PowerPlay is as follows: Bogey = 1pt; Par = 2pts; Birdie = 6pts; Eagle = 8pts; Double eagle = 10 pts. On the final 9th hole there is an optional Bonus PowerPlay opportunity. But danger lurks - scoring a net bogey or worse means you LOSE two points off your total score. Click here to see full Rules

When do players nominate a PowerPlay?
On the tee, before you take your shot. Once you have nominated a PowerPlay AND played your shot, you cannot withdraw your PowerPlay. But you can change your mind before you take the shot. See how to play here

Are special scorecards required?
No. All you have to do is keep a record of which golfers played a PowerPlay on which holes by marking your normal course scorecard. And remember to double points for net birdie or better on PowerPlays. See the examples below (click on a card to enlarge it).

EXAMPLE 1: An 18-hole golf course holds a PowerPlay Golf event on its back 9. Mr Smith had PowerPlays on holes 11, 13 and 15. On 13 and 15, he scored net birdies, earning 6 points on each. He did not gamble on a PowerPlay on the final hole: he felt he was on a good round, and didn't want to risk losing 2 points. Clever play - 24 points is sometimes a winning score in this risk/reward format! EXAMPLE 2: At a 9-hole course, Mr Jones went for the Black Flag on holes 2, 6 and 7, but didn't make any net birdies on his PowerPlays. On the 9th tee, with nothing to lose, he gambled on a last-hole PowerPlay and the extra points on offer for a net birdie. But sadly he made a net bogey on the last, losing 2 points instead, and 15 points won't win him anything today...

Do I receive my full handicap allowance?
In the official 9-hole Stableford format, PowerPlay Golf recommends that golfers should play off their full handicap allowance. For example, a golfer with a 12-handicap will normally receive 6 shots over the nine holes, taking them wherever the stroke index for a hole is from 1 to 12.

Where can I play PowerPlay Golf?
More than 370 courses have agreed to either run official PowerPlay Golf events or set their course up as a permanent PowerPlay Golf 'Super Venue'. You'll find a full lists of courses by clicking here.

What is the difference between an 'Official Venue' and a 'Super Venue'?
An Official Venue is a golf club or course that has registered to organise and run special licensed PowerPlay Golf events. Keep an eye on the Calendar & Events page for up-to-date listings. A Super Venue is a club or course that is permanently set up for PowerPlay Golf, with two flags on every green. See our complete listings to find all registered clubs.

How do I get a PowerPlay Golf World Ranking?
First, you must join the international community of PowerPlay Golf players by clicking here. Once you've registered, find official local events using the Calendar & Events page - or stage your own PowerPlay Golf match or event at an 'Official Venue' or 'Super Venue'. Once you've played, send your scores to info@powerplay-golf.com and they will calculate your official world ranking.

How do we become a PowerPlay Golf venue?
By becoming a registered PowerPlay Golf 'Official Venue' or 'Super Venue' you receive many benefits - like finding new visitors and receiving widespread publicity. To register your club or course as a PowerPlay Golf venue, click here

Can I register as a PowerPlay Golf organiser?
To run your own PowerPlay Golf Day you must first register by calling +44 (0) 1780 757537 or email info@powerplay-golf.com. Or click here. Official PowerPlay Golf events can only be staged at registered venues. See our complete listings to find all registered clubs.

What equipment do we need to run an Official PowerPlay Golf Event?
All registered clubs receive an Organiser's Pack, which includes a set of Black and White PowerPlay Golf flags, Ready Reckoner Rules Guides, an Organiser's Guide, Promotional Posters, Window Stickers and Ball Markers. To order additional product supplies click here.

How can I find out more about PowerPlay Golf in my own country?
To discover which countries and courses are already offering the global game of PowerPlay Golf, see the lists below.

How do I organise a Corporate PowerPlay Golf Day?
PowerPlay Golf's specialist Events team will help you run a successful Corporate PowerPlay Golf Day. They'll do everything - from finding a venue to organising a rules briefing and giving shot strategy advice. Visit the Corporate Golf page for more information and to request a quote.


Throughout the Golf Today Course Guide you will find the information you need to find and book a venue for PowerPlay Golf. Full lists of all official venues are available by clicking below:

Find a course in England - Ireland - Scotland - Wales - Channel Islands
Find a course in Australia - Bahrain - Canada - Denmark - Finland - Germany - New Zealand - Poland - Portugal - Slovakia - South Africa - Sweden - Ukraine - U.A.E. - United States

You will also find that all participating courses are clearly marked with the PowerPlay Golf logo just below the 'Visitors' information box on the individual course pages in our Course Guide, as well as with POWERPLAY GOLF OFFICIAL VENUE or POWERPLAY GOLF SUPER VENUE on our county and regional index pages.


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