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Are you a lethal weapon on the golf course?

No, that's not a joke for the 19th. Every golfer, regardless of his or her ability, runs the risk of accidentally injuring another person whilst out playing golf, doing expensive damage to neighbouring property, or indeed being hit by an erratic drive themselves. Every year in the UK, some 12,500 golf injuries require hospital treatment.

In April 1998, The Court of Appeal upheld a County Court ruling that "Golfers are liable for shots that cause injury, no matter how slight the risk", and a cry of Fore! will not absolve you from responsibility. So, with many golfers wrongly believing they are covered under their household insurance, one erratic swing could leave them in financial ruin.

And what about your equipment? A good set of woods and irons, plus putter, can set you back well over £1000. With golf bag, electric trolley and a pair of spikes, that's at least £1500 of hard-earned cash. No wonder then that millions of pounds worth of golfing equipment is stolen every year from clubs, cars and homes across the UK.

It's therefore surprising to hear that 9 out of 10 golfers are not adequately insured.

It happens to the best of them: from left to right, victims of errant shots by Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and John Daly. But while the pros can get away with a kind word of apology and a signed glove or ball, in today's litigious society an accident could mean financial ruin for the ordinary golfer.

If you're a golfer you need specialist golf insurance cover. Reliable cover against theft, loss or damage to your golfing equipment, damage to property, personal injury and personal liability. The fact is, golf can be a very expensive game if it goes wrong and you don't have the correct insurance, and the more often you play, the greater your risk!

"The message to all golfers of all standards is clear. If you want to avoid shelling out thousands of pounds in the courts you simply must get specialist golf insurance."
- FORE! Magazine

"...Judges have ruled - whether the injury was a freak accident or not, any golfer who injures someone could be sued for damages."
- Golf World

"The danger of an errant ball causing an accident is always present. Everyone who plays on a golf course takes a risk..."
- The Times

Golf Care can provide you with cover for complete peace of mind, from as little as £29.99. We have developed four levels of cover that will suit you, whatever your budget or requirements.

Better still, you'll be covered not just for liability, personal injury or theft.

You've had your clubs a few years and wonder what they're worth? In the event of theft, Golf Care replaces old for new.

What if injury puts you out of action for a protracted period of time? Golf Care will reimburse up to £1000 for your golf club subscription.

Suppose you're lucky (or unlucky!) enough to make a hole-in-one on a busy day - Golf Care will cover up to £200 worth of bar bills, depending on your policy.

Mr Thompson's golf clubs were stolen from a golf club in Thailand whilst he was on holiday. He had left his clubs on the back of the golf cart whilst paying for his round and when he returned the clubs had been stolen.
Mr Thompson said: "I couldn't believe it when my clubs were stolen, especially after I had taken them all the way over to Thailand. I was pleased to find out that my clubs were covered on my Golf Care insurance even though I was abroad when the theft took place. I was very pleased with the service even though it took a little longer to resolve than if the clubs had been stolen in the UK and I will definitely be renewing my insurance."

You can even be covered for the precious silverware you've just won, should it be stolen while you're celebrating! At home, or on the other side of the world, just choose your policy and play safe in the knowledge that you're covered for any eventuality.

Since its launch in 2003, Golf Care has become the fastest growing specialist golf insurer in the UK. Very competitive pricing in a marketplace where certain other companies charge customers vastly inflated premiums, and being part of The JRW Group of companies, which is the largest specialist golf insurer in the UK, allows Golf Care to provide its customers with the lowest premiums possible.

The company now insures over 40,000 individual golfers and in excess of £50 million worth of golf equipment. With the added security of the insurance policies being underwritten by Lloyds of London, you can be confident that Golf Care will be there for you, should you need to make a claim.

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