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Are you covered if your holiday becomes a nightmare?

Accidents will happen. And travel delays, lost luggage and sudden illness. At the very least it spoils what was supposed to be a relaxing golf holiday; at worst, it can be life-threatening and financially disastrous.

Golf Care's extensive knowledge of the market has allowed them to design travel insurance cover specific to the particular requirements of golfers, because many ordinary policies fail to provide the cover that we really need when we travel.

Golfers on or off the course not only require good general travel insurance, but also comprehensive golf cover for things such as damage or loss of equipment, hire of replacement gear, reimbursement of pre-paid green fees or tuition costs if you're delayed or ill, and personal liabilty if you cause injury or damage while playing. So Golf Care travel insurance provides 26 levels of cover, including medical and repatriation costs up to £10 million and 4 additional options covering Golf, Winter Sports, Sports Equipment and Business.

A delayed flight or lost luggage can ruin your golfing plans; how much might it cost if you injure yourself or someone else, or suffer heatstroke; a car crash or buggy accident can happen in an instant - but the consequences can be long-lasting.

Whether it's for a quick one night golf break not far from home, or a three week golf holiday on another continent, with Golf Care's travel insurance you can enjoy it to the full in the knowledge that you have first class specialist cover for yourself and your family. With single trip cover starting from only £4.85 or twelve months' multi-trip policies from just £37.88, you can have peace of mind for less than the cost of a box of good golf balls!

Any form of travel insurance may seem like a luxury - until you need it! And as a golfer, you're exposed to additional risks, making specific golf travel insurance as much a part of sensible preparation as taking an umbrella and waterproofs in case it rains. So don't risk it, cover it.

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