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The Force of Golf!


  • For a typical driven shot the force between the ball and the clubface at impact can be as high as 10,000N or put another way the ball is hit with one tenth the power of a 2CV car!

  • The acceleration of the clubhead during impact can exceed 4,000gs (compared to less than 10gs for a jet fighter pilot in a high speed manoeuvre).

  • A typical driven shot leaves the tee at about 160mph (the top speed of a high performance saloon car).

  • A typical driven shot leaves the tee with a backspin of 3,000 rpm (over three times the spin of a car's wheel).

  • Hit by a wedge the spin rate of a golf ball can be as high as 10,000 reve / min or 160 revs/ second!

These facts are courtesy of Alistair Cochran (Golf the Scientific Way), Steve Haake (University of Sheffield) and Steve Mather (University of Nottingham).

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