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Are there different types of golf ball?

There are several elements in the manufacture and design of golf balls which can be bourne in mind when buying golf balls, however at the end of the day, the type of ball you play best with is down to personal preference.


Although there is no connection between the compression of a golf ball and the distance over which it will travel, the compression of a ball will affect how the ball feels when hit. Most ball compressions are rated between 80 and 100. The most common compression ball is 90, the higher the compression the harder the ball will feel when you hit it. A 100 compression ball has a much more "solid" feel when hit than an 80 compression. However, it is down to personal preference as to what you feel most comfortable with.

Ball Coverings

There are two main types of ball covering, Surlyn and Balata.

Surlyn Balata


Comprised of solid core and surlyn cover (man made uncuttable substance).


Comprised of liquid filled core, wound with rubber, covered with balata (soft cover which develops nicks and cuts).


- scuff/cut resistant
- less spin
- good distance
- long life
- less expensive


- spin / backspin achievable
- allows more control of ball
- cuts easily
- short life
- higher cost

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