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What is a slice / draw / hook / push / pull / fade?


A slice is a curving shot with a lot of sidespin which sends the ball left to right rather than straight. The clubface will be open several degrees in relation to the path.


This is a shot with minimal sidespin resulting in a slight right to left travel at the end of the ball's flight. The clubface is closed a few degress at impact with a straight club path. The slight sidespin means that as the ball slows at the end of its flight, the sidespin takes over and draws the ball from right to left. This is the opposite of a fade.


The opposite of a slice, with the clubface closed more than a few degrees relative to the path.


This term is used for a ball whose flight path is straight, with very little sidespin, and the ball ends up to the right of the target.


Opposite of a push. The ball will end up to the left of the target.


Slight sidespin, causing a straight shot to travel left to right at the end of the ball's flight.

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