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Kangarila golf makes first UK appearance at Mid Sussex GC
June 13, 2010

The UK’s first Kangarila golf tournament - a totally new, fun and challenging format for golf - was organised for members of The Mid Sussex Golf Club on Saturday 12th June by Neil Plimmer, PGA Fellow Professional and the club’s Director of Coaching & Development.

Explaining why he decided to hold the event, Plimmer said: “I saw the potential of the game as soon as I was shown the Kangarila golf ball and was keen to share this great new golf format with the members of my club. In the past we’ve arranged many different competitions, Texas Scramble, '3 Clubs and a Putter' and so on. However Kangarila offers so much more.

Neil Plimmer, professional at Mid Sussex GC
Neil Plimmer, professional at Mid Sussex GC

“Because the game involves your golf ball deciding what club you next use, the game requires and develops imagination and adaptability - two things which I believe are vital for a golfer to improve their game. Many golfers I see get stuck in a rut doing the same things, all the while expecting better results. Kangarila gives the player no option but to adapt. Anyone who plays Kangarila will have great fun creating new shots and therefore develop a better golfing imagination, as well as the ability to cope with anything that is thrown at them.”

Kangarila is an entirely new format for golf, where the player’s golf ball determines what club each shot must be played with.

The Kangarila golf ball
The Kangarila golf ball, with its seven marked areas that determine the choice of club for the next shot

Each player carries just 5 clubs - a wood and a wedge, a long iron and a short iron, and a putter - and uses a colour-coded Kangarila ball, which has seven marked areas. Players tee off as usual and then, depending on the lie of the ball and which marked area faces upwards, the player must play their next shot using the club indicated, or with a free choice of the clubs they’re carrying.

The shot scenarios that ensue add variety, excitement and fun to your golfing life. Kangarila is social, interactive and tactical, requiring players to become more versatile and imaginative.

The 9-hole tournament at Mid Sussex brought much fun and laughter, and was won by Richard Martin with 23 stableford points, with Joe Russell winning the junior tournament. Di Barksfield won the Kangarila trophy for “best shot with the wrong club” playing a fine half shot with a rescue club to 6 feet of the flag on the 115-yard 5th hole.

Kangarila Golf Kangarila Golf

Left: Richard Martin tees off, soon to become overall winner of the UK's first Kangarila golf tournament - right: this awkward shot,
because of the Kangarila Rules, had to be played with a putter!

The game of Kangarila comes as a box set of 16 high quality 2-piece golf balls, 4 sleeves of 4 red, 4 blue, 4 green and 4 purple balls, and can be bought at


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