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Treid & Tested:
Introducing the Boom Boom 2 - the longest driver in the world!
November 2012 - Carly Frost

Those of you who have been playing golf long enough will no doubt remember Freddy Couples winning the 1992 Masters Championship and may recall the famous Lynx 'Boom Boom' driver he was using at the time.

Freddy was renowned as one of the best drivers of the ball in the nineties and as Lynx was the first company to produce metal woods in this era, together they regularly made headlines. Thirty years on the Lynx Boom Boom has been reborn and the company is back in the business of making technologically advanced golf clubs with the hottest new club in golf (literally!)

The Boom Boom 2 is the result of years of research and development and testing. It's one of the most technologically-advanced drivers that has ever been developed, engineered in a radically different way to achieve unprecedented distance and performance.

The secret to the new Boom Boom 2 driver is hidden inside the head... Lynx has harnessed a radical mix of top-secret materials into the Bi-Titanium head construction, which they are calling "Hot 1 Technology."

The 'mystery elements' inside the head alone don't produce the remarkable distance and playability of this club but when heated up they add unprecedented power to your drives!

That's right this is the world's first heated driver! The Boom Boom 2 has a bespoke battery-operated headcover that heats the club head to an optimal temperature that has been proven to enhance the performance from the materials inside it, so that the ball travels with maximum distance and consistency.

Does it really work I hear you asking? Well there are some impressive test results that prove it does. The Boom Boom 2 has undergone rigorous testing at an independent RoboGolf facility in Germany. The results showed that is officially the longest driver on the market, beating every club by every manufacturer listed on their comprehensive testing results site

Lynx Joint Managing Director Steve Elford said: "Lynx has a reputation for passionately pursuing advanced innovative technologies that help golfers of all abilities optimise their skills and enjoyment of the game. The Boom Boom 2's unique build characteristics will help all golfers achieve distance that they never dreamed possible."

Lynx Boom Boom 2
Price: £349.99
Options: 9, 10.5, 12.5 degrees available in Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff Aldila RIP'dNV shafts.

Tried & Tested
By Carly Frost

"Distance you've never dreamed is possible" is quite a statement and I've lost count of the number of driver launches I have been to over the years where different golf equipment manufacturers have made such a claim. Every time a company has told me that they have the most revolutionary driver that has ever been designed I take those words with a pinch of salt until I try the club for myself. Such was the case when I was invited to the top-secret unveiling of the Lynx Boom Boom 2 driver at Burhill Golf Club a few weeks ago, and I've been excited to tell you all about this club ever since. Lynx wanted to keep the story behind the driver quiet for a few more weeks while they have been working on adapting the battery that heats the headcover into a more user-friendly carry pack, as on the day I tested it I had to have it connected to the headcover via a long wire that was a bit awkward to carry as you will see from my pictures below. I'm told that the small lithium battery, similar to one you'd clip onto a video camera, now fits neatly inside the headcover. Although the obvious downside is that you are adding a bit of weight to your bag, I can honestly say that I didn't feel the difference.

I did however, notice a difference in the distance I hit the ball, from the very first drive. With no warm up whatsoever I ripped the Lynx Boom Boom 2 down the first fairway with startling power. There was an instant 'wow' factor to the strike and when I reached my ball I discovered I had hit my drive 10-15 yards further than normal. The driver continued to impress me on every drive, not just because it was definitely more powerful than any club I have every hit before, but because it felt great and was genuinely easy to hit. My new-found distance did not come at the compromise to the forgiveness as I was not wayward in the slightest.

Even my mishits flew a decent distance without being wildly offline.
I have to say that my first impressions of the looks of the Lynx Boom Boom 2 were mixed. While I instantly thought that the clubhead shape was great and I loved the fact that there were no clubhead markings to distract the eye, allowing the club to sit perfectly square behind the ball, I didn't like the bold red paintwork. But then again, I wasn't a fan of white clubheads when they first came out and I love my current white driver now. I think it is just one of those things that you get used to after a while and don't even notice. I like the fact that the Lynx Boom Boom 2 is fitted with high quality components, namely the high performance Aldila RIP'dNV shaft and a Golf Pride grip, there have been no compromises made at all.

The heated headcover was certainly a novelty and not something I would ever have imagined would have such a profound and impressive effect on driving distance, very clever thinking indeed. I'd describe the temperature as warm rather than hot, when you removed the headcover it almost doubled up as a lovely hand warmer on a chilly winter's day. The heat was beginning to fade from the headcover by the last few holes of my round as the battery ran out but I didn't notice any significant difference in the distance of my drives. I guess the driver was keeping its warmth, but it may be something worth noting that a spare battery in your bag could be useful.

In my opinion the Lynx Boom Boom 2 is one of the most impressive new drivers I've hit for a long time. It is an innovation that I am genuinely excited about sharing with you and I am looking forward to hearing the verdict of other golfers when the driver comes out in our shops later this year. My only disappointment is that Lynx hasn't brought out a ladies version yet, although I'm told that it is following shortly, and no it won't be red, it will be painted an appropriately feminine colour!

What's 'hot' next?

It occurred to me that if a heated driver could produce such remarkable results then surely the same could be said for every club in our golf bags when heated - even the golf ball. Lynx are already one step ahead of me and have their 'Hot 1 Technology' patented, allowing other companies to license the concept, so who knows, maybe we will see heated golf ball warmers as well soon. Or even better will someone please put this lovely heated concept into our golf clothes, as I for one would love to wear heated golf shoes and a heated waterproof suit on a chilly winter's day. Watch this space!


RoboGolf Test results...

TEST 1: 10.5° Regular flex shaft

Rank Model Year Swing Speed mph Total Distance (Average) Metres
1 Lynx Boom Boom 2 2012 90mph 224.5
2 Mizuno MX-700 2009 90mph 220.6
3 Adams Speedline F11 2011 90mph 219.7
4 MacGregor Tourney M85T 2011 90mph 219.4
5 Callaway FT-iz 2010 90mph 218.9
6 Wilson Staff DXi 2011 90mph 218.9
7 Ping K15 2012 90mph 218.8
8 TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 2011 90mph 218.6
9 Nike VR Pro 2011 90mph 218.6
10 Lynx Parallax Black 2012 90mph 218.1
21 Callaway Razr Fit 2012 90mph 215.9
52 TaylorMade RBZ 2012 90mph 210.6

TEST 2: 9.0° Stiff flex shaft 

Rank Model Year Swing Speed mph Total Distance (Average) metres Dispersion
1 Lynx Boom Boom 2 2012 110mph 288.6 3.3
2 Callaway Diablo Edge Tour 2010 110mph 282.0 3.3
3 Nike VR 2010 110mph 279.4 5.9
4 Callaway FT-iz 2010 110mph 275.1 14.6
5 Ping l15 2010 110mph 273.3 9.6
6 Callaway Diablo Edge 2010 110mph 272.8 4.4
7 TaylorMade Super Deep 2010 110mph 271.0 4.0
8 Ping G15 2010 110mph 270.5 5.6
9 Cobra ZL 2010 110mph 267.6 7.8
10 Callaway FT Tour 2010 110mph 265.7 10.9

Data Source:

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