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Absolute Reader putting aid  

Esoteric Golf Technology of Sweden introduce the Absolute Reader putting aid for the 2008 / 2009 season

This product was first shown at different tour events in 2007, and was very well received and highly anticipated by the European Tour Players and coaches. It is an innovative new product that created a lot of buzz at the PGA Merchandise show.

Buyers for one of the largest US training aid suppliers called it The best product in the show this year.

When practising green-reading, you have to be sure that the ball starts on the line that you are aiming at. The Absolute Reader is a green-reading tool where the ball will always come out straight, no matter how you hit it. There are tools on the market where you can drop the ball, like a STIMP-meter, but without getting the feeling of hitting it yourself. By hitting the ball with your putter, you get the feel for the proper speed of a certain break. You can also hear the sound of the ball rattling along the channel if you don't hit it straight through and that tells you that you may have subconsciously compensated for a line that you did not believe in.

Invest in the right training aid for you

All Esoteric products come with a quick reference system, that allows you to evaluate every training aid for the different components of your putting it improves.

The coloured icons on the packaging and on the website denote Fitting, Technique, Posture, Adjustable, Aiming, Green-reading, Length Control and Confidence. This means you are assured the money you spend is giving you the maximum possible return, but also that you're likely to see a very quick improvement in your game.

Esoteric Golf Technology putting aids are available now through all Yes! Golf distributors

February 25, 2009

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