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Golfers need to get a grip

This time of year is notorious for changing weather. Rain, shine, wind, soggy ground, hard greens. For golfers it just means bother. At best it means that sliding all over wet ground or failing to get to grips with hard and uncomfortable ground really hurts your swing.

The good news is that more and more proshops are now stocking Champ Spikes. This is undoubtedly the widest range of spikes available and they're so varied they can suit any conditions. Better still, the price and design makes them inexpensive, as well as quick to change.

The Cermec, is t he ultimate in metal spike technology performance and the preferred choice on Tour. A highly abrasive and impact-resistant ceramic ball is fused to a hardened tool steel spike. Not only incredibly long lasting, but its rounded tip stays smooth making it the most green-friendly metal spike available. This is especially important, owing to the fact that in both the US and Europe, metal spikes are rarely permitted; maybe only for PGA Tour players participating in Majors, or in specific courses in very wet regions like Oregon.

Scorpions are soft golf spikes that bring a heightened level of dependability to the feet of every golfer. Golfers can trust their swing from the ground up because Scorpion Spikes provide unmatched traction by utilizing eight legs that work in unison to grip the turf anywhere - a side hill lie or even at the edge of a water hazard. When a golf swing requires superior traction, Scorpions, powered by Arachna Traction, deliver the necessary gripping power. A proven winner on professional tours worldwide.

The Stinger, represents Champ's most significant advancement in sport cleat technology since the invention of soft golf spikes. Champ engineers designed the Stinger to provide superior comfort without sacrificing traction. And before the cleats wear out and adversely affect playing levels, the Stinger's revolutionary Visible Wear Indicator will indicate clearly that it's time for a change.

The Pro-Stinger, meanwhile, has been designed specifically for the European market. The PRO STINGER provides unsurpassed traction with its metal centre tip and cushion with the outer traction elements. Following the success of the CHAMP Scorpion Stinger, CHAMP has designed the new two- colour, three material PRO STINGER to provide superior traction while playing in adverse weather conditions. But on the back of replacement spikes sales, comes the opportunity to go for much more value-added sales.

 “If you've always been shy of paying more money for a more comfortable shoe but been unable to justify it then your days of aching feet are over,” says Stephen Riley of PR Golf Distribution in Newtonards – exclusive suppliers of Champ products throughout Ireland . “All popular golf shoe brands share a number of thread patterns or fixing systems, and Champ make their spikes to fit all of them. One pair of shoes becomes two, three or more pairs… And just feel the difference to your game and your comfort levels!”

Starting at around £4 per set, golfers find it quite feasible to carry several sets of spikes to allow them to adapt to terrain, weather, or even just the way they feel like playing that day.

Traction is an issue not just for enhancing playing levels, but for safety as well. Difficult lies on slopes or in waterlogged terrain all require different kinds of traction to prevent golfers slipping and sliding and injuring themselves


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