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cleveland cg15 wedge

New from Cleveland - CG15 Chrome wedge

The new Cleveland CG15 Chrome wedge is the most advanced wedge that Cleveland Golf has introduced to the wedge market in almost a decade. The CG15 wedge combines a laser milled face with Zip groove technology to provide golfers with control and the highest spin level yet seen in a Cleveland Golf wedge.

The Laser Milled clubface uses the accuracy of a laser to mill four calibrated lines between each groove which conform exactly to the official rules on roughness limit. The new Laser Milled method perfected with the Cleveland CG15 Chrome wedges provides a more precise and consistent surface roughness than any of the alternative methods on the markets. This enhanced roughness has allowed Cleveland to maximise the amount of spin achieved by each CG15 wedge.

The CG15’s ZIP Grooves features a 25% larger groove volume than with conventional grooves and work to channel as much debris as possible out of the groove at impact. This improves contact and again helps to optimise the spin levels achieved. The ZIP Groove performance is achieved by Cleveland Golf’s breakthrough new milling technique that allows the grooves to be bigger and to feature pristine edges. Cleveland’s new manufacturing technique protects the grooves throughout the construction of the club meaning the grooves on the finished club are exactly the same as they were when they were originally milled. This means that the CG15 grooves are able to get much more spin than any previous Cleveland wedge. Golfers will notice that this means the CG15 is much more consistent and that difference between different lofts is much less pronounced than on other wedges.

The Cleveland CG15 Chrome wedge features an S Sole design that incorporates a wider sole near the heal of the club and a narrower sole at the toe to help improve performance from the sand without harming the CG15 versatility when tackling other shots.

The CG15 Chrome also features a traction wedge shaft that has a softer tip and is slightly stiffer further up the shaft to provide the feel and responsiveness that is so important for golfers when playing wedges without losing the full shot consistency that is also required. Although the rules on grooves are changing the Cleveland CG15 will be eligible for play by amateur until at least 2024 giving golfers the chance to enjoy the potential of maximum spin for years to come.

Watch HD videos of the clubs in action on Cleveland Golf TV - Where Spin Matters and Features and Benefits.



November 10, 2009

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