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Cobra Golf Launches King Cobra L5V Driver

Cobra’s longest, straightest driver with two adjustable settings that optimise personal ball flight

Building on the success of the first generation King Cobra Transition-S integrated set, the new 2009 Ladies and Seniors lines provide even more forgiveness for moderate ball speed players. Transition-S is an eight club set that transition from utility metals to hybrid irons to wide-sole irons to provide an unparalleled level of forgiveness, carry distance and accuracy.

Cobra Golf, the leader in power technology, announces the release of its longest, straightest driver ever – the King Cobra L5V. This multi-material driver not only possesses Cobra’s largest, most-forgiving club face, it also features Adjustable Flight Technology that allows golfers to maximise their personal distance and accuracy through ball flight adjustment.

“The King Cobra L5V builds upon our award-winning, tour-proven L4V driver, and takes performance to the next level,” said Brian Zender, General Manager, Cobra Golf. “It’s the longest, straightest driver in the 35-year history of the Cobra brand.”

Largest Face in Golf
• The King Cobra L5V not only has the industry’s largest club face, it also features Cobra’s proven milled Dual Rhombus Face insert. Combined, these design features optimise ball speed by generating maximum Coefficient of Restitution (COR) across the entire face and deliver longer, straighter drives.

Multi-Material Technology
• The King Cobra L5V’s clubhead features a 6-4 Titanium body and face insert, complimented by an ultra-lightweight carbon composite crown and sole inserts. Utilising these materials allowed Cobra engineers to shift the CG lower - 68% of the effective hitting area is situated above the CG - and further back, for a high Moment of Inertia (MOI) value. Together, these characteristics promote a higher launch and lower spin, which translates into more distance and accuracy.

Adjustable Flight Technology
• To optimise distinct ball flights and shapes, King Cobra L5V drivers feature an exclusive hosel design that enables golfers to easily adjust from the standard factory setting (0) to an increased draw-biased setting (1).
• Every King Cobra L5V is equipped with a proprietary L5V torque wrench that inserts into the hosel screw port, so golfers can quickly and easily adjust the ball flight and/or change the shaft.
• To allow for ideal weighting, every King Cobra L5V comes with a swingweight screw that helps balance the clubhead with the shaft. Each swingweight screw is specifically weighted for X, F or M stock Diamana Red Board shafts to maintain the ideal swingweight. There are also a wide variety of custom shaft options available.
• Visit www.cobragolf.co.uk for detailed instructions on adjusting the face setting/ball flight, how to change the shaft and also to view the full product specifications.

Since every player and every game is unique, the King Cobra L5V is Speed Tuned to provide individuals with a driver that’s optimised specifically to them for consistently longer, straighter drives. By defining ball speed, swing speed or driving distance, golfers can be matched with their ideal club loft, Mitsubishi Diamana Red Board shaft, and shaft weight - to maximise distance and accuracy.

The new King Cobra L5V is shipping to retail from 1st November and has a suggested retail price of £329.


October 6, 2008

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