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Cobra launch new S9 drivers

Hotter 9 Points Technology Maximizes Ball Speed for Consistently Long, Accurate Drives

Cobra Golf, the leader in power technology, announces the release of King Cobra S9-1 drivers that feature improved "Hotter 9 Points" Technology and enhanced Frequency Tuning. S9-1 Speed Tuned technology, whereby each model is designed by player type and ball speed, arms golfers with a new threshold of power, accuracy, forgiveness and feel.

"The new S9-1 drivers are the best-looking, best-sounding and best-performing drivers Cobra has ever produced," says Brian Zender, General Manager of Cobra Golf. "There's a version for every type of player, from amateur to pro. It's already made a believer of Geoff Ogilvy, who used the S9-1 driver to capture the 2009 PGA Tour's opening event, the Mercedes-Benz Championship."

S9-1 Drivers are designed to create more powerful, accurate drives for all player types, further elevating Cobra's Hotter 9 Point clubface and Speed Tuning technologies.

"We started from scratch and developed a completely new outer head shape and internal geometry for the S9-1," says Scott Rice, Cobra Golf's Director of Research and Development. "Each model has a distinct Centre of Gravity location to provide optimum ball flight conditions needed by different player types and ball speeds. We further adjusted the face geometry for greater efficiency on off-centre hits, and paired the heads with a brand new line of proprietary, high performance Aldila DVS-HL and Graphite Design Tour AD shafts."

S9-1 Driver
The 460cc S9-1 is available in six models: F, M, M Offset, Senior's, Women's and Offset Women's. It features a large, state-of-the-art clubface sporting Cobra's patented Milled Dual Rhombus Face Insert Technology. The lightweight, longer 45.5" shaft, and lighter clubhead weight (6 grams lighter) help generate increased ball speed, while the clubhead's optimized weighting and face curvature optimize accuracy for all player types. New subtle dimples on the crown make for a cleaner, sleek look at address. Discretionary weight is used to optimize each model's CG location, which gets progressively more draw-biased from the F model to the M to the M Offset. Thus, the F is square-faced and Speed Tuned to produce a slight draw-bias ball flight, high launch and low-mid spin; the M a draw-bias ball flight, high launch and mid spin; and M Offset a maximum draw-bias ball flight, extra-high launch and mid spin.

Exclusive Hotter 9 Points Design with Milled Dual Rhombus Face Insert
- Maximizes the COR to boost ball speed and flight consistency across the entire clubface. This technology elevates Cobra's renowned 9 Points clubface technology to the next level, through a new clubface shape that's adjusted towards a 1:1 length-to-width ratio. This helps transfer more energy to the ball at impact with incredible efficiency.

Frequency Tuning
- Internal crown rib geometry technology optimises both sound and feel at impact, for a pleasant, crisp sound from wherever the ball strikes the clubface.

Traditional Head Shape
- The new, more traditional clubhead design and subtle crown dimples instills confidence at address.

Enhanced Speed Tuning
- The internal club weighting works in concert with the Speed Tuned shafts to maximize ball speed for all player types. Cobra designers freed up discretionary weight by adjusting the clubface size and shape, thus optimizing the clubhead's mass properties. A low-and-back CG improves launch, spin and ball flight, while optimized face bulge-and-roll helps reduce spin variance for increased distance on shots hit across the face. Whether a golfer's ball speed is an extreme 150+ mph (X), a fast 125 to 155 mph (F), or a more moderate 110 to 140 mph (M), there's an optimal S9-1 clubhead/shaft combination that will maximise that player's ball flight, accuracy and distance.

S9-1 Pro Driver
The 460cc S9-1 Pro was developed in close collaboration with Cobra's PGA Tour Professionals. It's offered in two models: The deep-faced S9-1 Pro D yields a mid-high launch with low spin, for a lower, piercing ball flight, while the shallow-faced S9-1 Pro S generates higher launch with low-to-mid spin to promote higher ball flight. Both S9-1 Pro drivers feature the proprietary high performance Cobra/Matrix OZIK Xcon 6 shaft. Golfers can also order the S9-1 Pro drivers with a wide range of custom shafts.

Hotter 9 Points and Large Face with Milled Dual Rhombus Face Insert
- Designed to maximise COR, the reengineered Hotter 9 Points technology incorporates Cobra's exclusive Milled Dual Rhombus Face Insert to promote higher ball speeds and more consistent flight across the entire clubface.

Lightweight Composite Crown
- The lightweight composite crown frees up discretionary weight and optimally positions the CG, increasing Moment of Inertia (MOI) and generating faster ball speed.

Square Face Alignment
- Traditional top-down profile with open alignment at address.

Swingweight Screw
- A factory installed swingweight screw enhances speed tuning, allowing further customisation with a wide range of custom shafts. Additionally, the screw placement on the sole of the club moves more weight down and back, lowering the CG.

The S9-1 F Driver (£249 SRP) is offered in lofts of 9.5° and 10.5°, S9-1 M Drivers (£249 SRP) in 10.5° and 11.5°, and S9-1 M Offset in 9.5° and 10.5° -- all standard with Cobra/Aldila DVS-HL shafts.

The S9-1 Seniors' Driver (£249 SRP) loft is 11.5°, and the S9-1 Women's Driver is available in either 11.5° (£249 SRP) or 13.5° Offset (£249 SRP) - all standard with lightweight Cobra/Graphite Design Tour AD YS shafts.

Both S9-1 Pro Drivers (£329 SRP each) are available in lofts of 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5° with high performance Cobra/Matrix Ozik Xcon 6 shafts.

All S9-1 drivers will be available through golf retailers early February 2009.

February 26, 2009

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