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Equmen launches power underwear for men

Australian Company Expands Line to Streamline and Support the Lower Half.

Hot on the heels of the launch of it's body-shaping Core Precision Undershirt, Australian men's underwear brand EQUMEN introduces a line of revolutionary briefs and trunks: EQUMEN Precision Underwear.

Incorporating the brand's unique athletic-inspired engineering and physiotherapist insight, EQUMEN's Precision Underwear delivers comfort, support and body-optimising benefits "down under".

"Men's underpants finally are getting the technological boost that has long been seen in the sport and women's categories, "says EQUMEN Managing Director Gavin Jones.

"These new men's undergarments were inspired by the high-performance fabrics worn by athletes, but designed for regular guys. Now they can enjoy such benefits every day."

The range of briefs, trunks and long trunks are based on sprinter short designs and engineered with EQUMEN's Helix-Mapping compression technology to place pressure on the gluteal fold, providing lightweight posture and gait support.

Beyond improved body mechanics, the precision-fit fabric conforms directly to the body, to lift and refine in all the right places. With a ventilated "power pouch" the Precision Underwear feature temperature control to keep men healthy and comfortable. Combined with the Core Precision Undershirt , men can now sharpen their style from top to bottom.

The Precision Underwear line will be available for pre-order at www.equmen.com from July 21st and in-store exclusively at Selfridges from August 1st.


July 14, 2009

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