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Sweaty sports bags hold more than just smells

Eradicil™ beats the bugs responsible for jock-itch, athlete's foot and more

The bugs that cause embarrassing and uncomfortable problems like jock itch and athlete's foot are surprisingly tough - they can remain in sports kit, towels, socks and underwear even AFTER washing. To tackle this, and see off the germs for good, Vidant Pharma has introduced Eradicil, a new medicated laundry pre-wash which completely destroys disease-causing microbes.

David Draper, co-founder of Vidant and a keen sportsman, said, "Most people don't realise that ordinary washing won't kill the germs in your clothes, which cause everything from itchy rashes to body odour. In the past you might use a ‘boil wash' or hot iron to kill the bugs, but many fabrics - especially synthetics and specialist sports kit - cannot survive this sort of harsh treatment."

Certain people are at particular risk from skin infections, including those who share sports changing-rooms where microbes can multiply and spread in the warm, moist conditions. Once the germs have taken root they are easy to transfer via clothes and towels, so that one infected toenail can turn into something altogether more unpleasant.

"Once fungal infections like jock itch get established, they can be very persistent," says David. "Partly this is because the responsible fungi can remain even in apparently clean clothes, and re-infect the skin, which can prolong an outbreak and even encourage it to spread to other areas.

"It's also possible that your washing machine is doing more harm than good. Not only are the bugs not being killed, but they can be transmitted from one contaminated item through the whole load of laundry - like the dye from a rogue red sock. Germs can even linger in the drum between washes to infect the next load.

"If you're washing a whole team's kit together, then one man's itch suddenly becomes everyone's problem. And if you throw your sports gear in with the family wash, then you might just find your wife or kids scratching too.

"Eradicil can help to break this cycle and prevent lengthy or recurrent skin infections and cross-contamination, by wiping out the germs that lurk in fabrics."

Formulated in Switzerland, Eradicil is laboratory-proven to kill Tinea - the cause of jock itch and athlete's foot - plus E. coli , MRSA , and pathogenic species of Candida and Trichophyton , as well as a host of other harmful microorganisms.

"A significant bonus to using Eradicil is that it also destroys the bacteria that cause body odour and musty ‘sports bag smell', so you and your kit stay fresh!" adds David.

Eradicil is non-biological, and has been specifically designed to work alongside your regular detergent. It eliminates sources of infection and disinfects your wash. It is available now at www.eradicil.info or by calling 0844 335 0327, and from good pharmacies.

Top Tips to Avoid Infection

  • Towel hygiene
    Don't share towels. Dry your towel thoroughly between uses, and make sure it is washed at least once a week.
  • Socks before pants
    Always dry your feet and groin area thoroughly and wear clean socks and underwear. Put your socks on before your pants, and never wear shoes without socks.
  • Prompt treatment
    Treat skin and nail conditions promptly with a topical treatment to prevent infections spreading.
  • Clean hands
    Wash hands thoroughly with antiseptic soap after touching infected areas to prevent further transmission.
  • Eradicil
    Use Eradicil to disinfect your washing - including sports kit, socks, underwear, sheets, washcloths, towels, and bathmats.


March 25, 2009

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