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New invisible hand protection fits like a glove

Already well established in America, a new hand protection shielding lotion that bonds with the outer layers of the skin, is now available in the UK.

New GLOVES IN A BOTTLE is a non greasy, non-sticky, hypoallergenic and completely safe hand protection shielding lotion that is an ideal skin safeguard for applications that include all work in harsh weather conditions, household work, DIY, hospital duties, sport, gardening, construction and engineering work.

Artificial lotions only attempt to replace natural oils with artificial moisture, but they come off every time you wash. One application of GLOVES IN A BOTTLE does not wash off and works like an invisible pair of gloves preventing dirt and grime from penetrating the skin. These 'Invisible Gloves' keep moisture-robbing irritants out while retaining your skins natural oils.

GLOVES IN A BOTTLE rapidly absorbs into and bonds with the outer layer of skin providing a protective glove-like coating, that comes off naturally with exfoliated skin cells after at least 4 hours. It is an ideal moisturiser for dry, extremely dry and cracked skin by allowing skin to breath and retain its natural moisture and oils.

Many workplace and household chemicals are absorbed directly into the skin, causing dry, itchy, and cracked skin. Conventional lotions just replace natural oils with artificial ones, offering only temporary relief that does not heal the skin.

Never before have so many common skin conditions, allergies and complaints been afforded the protection offered by GLOVES IN A BOTTLE. Hundreds of dermatologists in America recommend it for skin care, as a dry skin moisturizer, for prevention of dry, itchy skin problems of all kinds and to help moisturize skin from the inside out. The solution for skin problems, even painful cracked skin, is here.

When you know you should be wearing gloves whether gardening, exposed to harsh weather, household chemicals or playing sport, up till now all one could do to alleviate skin disorders, or just ordinary dry cracked skin, was apply conventional lotions - artificial moisture replacement systems.

GLOVES IN A BOTTLE creates a protective shielding layer while retaining the moisture from within - a shielding lotion.

Find out more information at http://www.giab.co.uk


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