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Top golfers team up to offer unique MOT

Two top golfers from Cheshire have joined forces to offer a unique MOT which will help golf addicts pinpoint their weaknesses and provide practical advice for long-term improvement.

Golf pro Daniel Haughian, who has represented Cheshire at both senior and junior levels, and specialist sports physiotherapist Sue Fraser-Thomson, who has also played golf for Cheshire, have combined their talents to come up with a personalised assessment which they believe will play real dividends for aspiring golfers.

Daniel commented: "Since I have been coaching golf I have recognised that there are frequently times when you tell someone what they should be doing to improve their swing but they can't do it for physiological reasons. I knew that Sue Fraser Thomson provided golf screening programmes from a physiotherapy perspective so we decided that if we could bring both analyses together at a 'one stop shop' we could really help golfers improve."

Sue added: "We frequently see people who have mechanical restrictions because they've got stiff backs or who have significant muscle imbalance or weakness which is really holding them back from making any progress on the golf course. There's little point in paying hundreds of pounds on golf lessons without addressing fundamental physical flaw or weaknesses. The good news is that we can often advise people to do simple strength or flexibility exercises that make a real difference to getting their handicaps down."

The hour long MOT, which takes place at the Adlington Golf Centre, near Poynton, Cheshire , has three components: a golf swing analysis, a physiotherapy assessment and a fitness and flexibility check up. Participants take away a personal analysis including a programme of exercises to iron out any weaknesses.

The Golf MOT is suitable for novices and experienced club golfers as well as golf professionals of all ages.

To book your MOT or to find out more contact the Adlington Golf Centre on 01625 850660.


October 28, 2008

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