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The Heavy Putter Helps Adrien Mork to 59 on European Challenge Tour

Rapidly Increasing Trend of Golfers Switching to the Heavy Putter Worldwide

Using the popular Heavy Putter, Frenchman Adrien Mork joins an elite class of golfers by scoring a record-breaking 59 in professional competition, making almost every putt en route to last week’s victory at the Tikida Hotels Agadir Moroccan Classic on the European Challenge Tour.

Registering 12 birdies and an eagle during his magical second round, Mork needed only 23 putts using the Heavy Putter B-3 model. Following an opening round of 63, the combined 20 under par broke Tiger Woods and the Philippines’ Frankie Minoza’s record of lowest opening 36-hole score on the European, Challenge and Seniors Tours. It also bested Ernie Els' 36-hole record of 18-under at the Heineken Classic in Melbourne in 2004.

The elusive 59 has never been achieved in European Tour history, and only three times on the U.S. PGA Tour: Al Geiberger (1977 Memphis Classic), Chip Beck (1991 Las Vegas Invitational) and David Duval (1999 Bob Hope Classic).

Prior to the Hotels Agadir Moroccan Classic, Mork was known for his excellent driving and iron play, but his Achilles Heel was putting.

'Under pressure to shoot 59, I had some great rhythm and, obviously, confidence with the Heavy Putter,” says the 26-year-old Mork. “I’ve had the Heavy Putter for about three weeks since a friend of mine gave me it to try, and right away I was making long putts consistently. It’s so heavy there’s no way the ball can come off the face too quickly.”

Mork joins European PGA Tour player Oliver Wilson and several other European golfers succeeding with the revolutionary Heavy Putter, which is in great consumer demand overseas and selling quickly at retail.

“We’re thrilled the Heavy Putter contributed to Adrien Mork’s unique feat and is part of history,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf, maker of the Heavy Putter. “Thanks in part to Adrien further legitimizing the Heavy Putter’ performance characteristics internationally, we’re receiving an even higher volume of calls from the world’s best golfers requesting the Heavy Putter to gain a winning edge.”

The rapid acceptance of the Heavy Putter necessitated Boccieri Golf’s global expansion. The company recently announced distributor agreements in Canada and Japan, with alliances in the United Kingdom, Europe and more than 12 other international territories. To support the markets worldwide, Boccieri Golf recently launched a seven-figure infomercial and print-advertising campaign to explain the revolutionary technology.

“Now it’s easy for golfers spanning the globe to purchase the Heavy Putter and experience the results they’ve heard: much lower scores and dramatic improvement in putting since switching to the Heavy Putter, just like Adrien Mork.”

The Heavy Putter burst onto the golf scene in January 2005 and has become the rage ever since, as golfers are realizing instant results from the first time they pick it up. Its unprecedented counter-balance theory of a heavier mass head and the weighted grip causes greater stability in the putting stroke and tightens the end-over-end roll of the golf ball.

The innovative weight technology features an increased head mass (450 to 550 grams compared to conventional putter heads at roughly 330 to 350 grams). Furthermore, the Heavy Putter’s unique Weight Management System (WMS), a 250-gram weight installed in the grip end of the putter, produces a balance point 75 percent higher than conventional putters.

With the Heavy Putter, the golfer’s body instinctively activates its larger, more stable muscles during the putting stoke. This prevents wrist breakdown and creates greater stability and consistency throughout the stroke. The Heavy Putter comes with adjustable tip weights for the golfer to fine tune the balance point of the putter to match his/her unique release characteristics.

The combination of the heavier mass head, the Weight Management System and the adjustable tip weights permits the golfer to have a more consistent swing path, uniform pace and precise distance and directional control, making the Heavy Putter the first and only putter that automatically improves the consistency of the golfer’s stroke.

Boccieri Golf recently unveiled its new Heavy Putter Matte Series putters. Featuring the same, revolutionary weighting technology as the original Heavy Putter, the new Matte Series head is finished in sleek, dark gray and is combined with a satin colored shaft and Winn mid-size grip.

In addition to the difference in appearance, the Heavy Putter Matte Series carries a lower price than the Heavy Putter Original Series. This is due to the Heavy Putter’s dramatic rise in popularity, resulting in production efficiencies and cost savings passed along to retailers and consumers. The new Matte Series is $199, including the adjustable tip-weight kit, and available models include:

A1-M – blade-style head with a center-mounted shaft
A2-M – blade-style head with a heel-mounted, full-offset plumber’s neck hosel
A3-M – blade-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft
B1-M – mallet-style head with a center-mounted shaft
B2-M – mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, full-offset plumber’s neck hosel
B3-M – mallet-style head with a heel-mounted, double-bend shaft

The Heavy Putter Original Series, with a shinier finish, is available in the same models.

Various standard, mid and long-putter lengths are available for men and women, some in both right- and left-handed models.

More About the Heavy Putter by Boccieri Golf

The Heavy Putter represents a radical shift in putter concept, design and technology, and is touted industry-wide as the first new putter in decades that is revolutionizing golf. It’s likened to the paradigm shift that occurred with the advent of electric golf carts, metal woods, graphite tennis rackets and parabolic skis — innovations that changed how a sport is played.

The Heavy Putter has achieved immediate acceptance on the PGA, Nationwide and Champions Tours. After switching to a Heavy Putter in 2004, Troy Matteson catapulted from 110th to 8th in putting on the Nationwide TOUR and finished the 2005 season as its No.1 player, breaking the single-season earnings record in the process and earning a 2006 PGA TOUR card.

In addition to the innovative Weight Management System, the Heavy Putter boasts the highest-quality, advanced-design principles in putters:

CNC milled from 303 Stainless Steel (304 in Matte Series), a very soft metal that creates a soft putting feel Perimeter heel-to-toe weighting, creating a high Moment of Inertia (resistance to twisting) for better distance control, and straighter and more accurate putts
Face-balanced heads that make it easier to square the putter head at impact Diamond-cut, patterned faces that optimize the golf ball's roll and impart a soft feel at impact 'Surround Sight' semi-circle alignment aids — exclusive to the Heavy Putter — located behind the face promote on-center hits and a tighter deviation of sweet spot impact versus lines or dots .

Contact: 888-PUTTER-4, info@heavyputter.com , www.heavyputter.com or www.boccierigolf.com .


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