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HIRZL launches revolutionary golf gloves in UK

Innovative technologies like grip4u™ and dry palm deliver an unbeatable grip, amazing durability and superb comfort even in extreme weather conditions. Take your pick from two exciting, specialist models.

HIRZL, the world's only true sports glove specialists are proud to announce that after critical acclaim at the Munich Golf Show in October they are launching their revolutionary new leather golf gloves into the UK in February.

The Swiss pioneers in leather technology and sports are launching two high performance leather gloves.

They are based on two innovative technologies - grip4u™ and dry palm technology - which together solve all familiar problems that other golf glove brands out there fail to solve.

Hirzl believe that the golf glove is the ultimate point of contact between the golfer and the golf club and no compromise should be made when designing a golf glove HIRZL golf gloves deliver unequalled grip and control, whatever the weather on the Golf Course.

They also offer unbeatable durability and comfort, using leather, which is both stronger and suppler than others out there. Golf gloves have to endure huge amounts of friction from the club, not to mention wear and tear from heat and sweat and being taken on and off in between rounds.

That is why the gloves are made of kangaroo hide - one of the strongest and most tear-resistant leathers in the world - then treated with a patented HIRZL tanning procedure which is eight times more complex than usual tanning processes.

The result:- is ultra-tough leather, which is guaranteed to stay supple up to four times longer than the leather used by conventional golf gloves.

Our revolutionary grip4u™ innovation also delivers extreme levels of control, which directly impacts a player's performance. The comparison to other glove brands on the market is striking.

HIRZL golf gloves offer up to three times more grip in dry weather and up to five times more in the wet than the so-called specialist all weather gloves. It also comes to the customers with an industry - leading 3-month warranty.

Meanwhile our unique dry-palm technology stops the palm sweating in the glove on a hot sunny day. It works by temporarily sealing the pores of the palm, letting the hand breathe instead through a special breathable mesh on the back of the hand. No more slipping and sliding around inside the glove!

HIRZL golf gloves are easy to clean too. Simply wash them with cold water and they'll be soft and strong again once they've dried out. Or they can be used damp for even more grip and control.

"All golf players know how it goes: after a game of golf you throw your glove in your bag, and when you come to put it back on the next day it's all dry and cracked and uncomfortable to wear." explains Bagher Pirouz, managing director of HIRZL.

"Before teeing-off, you have to do those little finger exercises to make the glove supple again, but then the fibres of the leather break and tear.After two or three games, you can't use it anymore."

With HIRZL, all that's history. You get lasting comfort and durability and long lasting grip. No other glove gives you such an enduring high performance." Pirouz concludes.
HIRZL has developed two distinct models - TRUST Feel and TRUST Control - both incorporating grip4u™ and dry-palm technologies. They're specifically designed to meet the needs of golfers with different levels of skill and experience, whatever the weather.

Players with a medium to high handicap need to achieve a constant grip while holding the club as loosely as possible, in order to improve the direction and effectiveness of their swing. Control with a more structured and thicker palm is ideal for these players.

More experienced players want to really feel every swing, but still keep control with a golf glove, that delivers an optimum grip. The TRUST Feel range with specially thin palm leather is designed for these players.

The retail price is £24.99 which at first glance appears expensive but the Hirzl glove will outlast other gloves at least 3 to 1 so is in fact great value for money.

Both models are available right now for women in sizes S, M, and L and for men in S, M, M/L, L
and XL

January 28, 2009

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