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Inka Pens - Perfect Golfers Companion

Don’t let the UK’s wet weather dampen your spirits on the next golfing trip! The new Inka pen will ensure you can keep right up to speed with your score and continue to perform at the top of your game even if the rain continues to pour.

The Inka pen is designed to write in all conditions including underwater, at any angle, any altitude and even in extreme temperatures! It’s the perfect companion for a day at the golf course where keeping score is all part of enjoying the game. If the rain starts to drizzle or even pour, the Inka pen will continue to perform and will write legibly even on the wettest of score cards.

Because of its precisely engineered design, the Inka pen is extremely convenient to store and use. When closed, it is completely watertight and is light and compact enough to be attached securely wherever you may need it. The unique design means that it can be easily attached to everyday items you have on you such as key fobs and belts. It is easily accessible, and is always ready to write which is essential when the focus of the day is on the game in hand.

The Inka Pen retails at £14.95 and is a real must-have for all golfing enthusiasts throughout the country who know the unpredictability of the UK’s weather and want to enjoy their golf all year round. For information on stockists call Whitby and Co on
01539 721032


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