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Ion-mask™ shoe wins innovation award at Golf Europe

A new range of Hi-Tec golfing footwear treated with P2i’s revolutionary super-hydrophobic technology Ion-mask™, has been awarded a best in show innovation award at the Golf Europe exhibition in Munich.

The Pure Power WPi range, due for launch in 2009 won the award for its enhanced performance capabilities including water repellency up to three times that of PTFE - currently regarded as the most water repellent material in the world. Ion-mask™ also improves breathability, promoting air circulation, keeping feet drier for longer and making them less likely to develop blisters. Externally, the technology protects the shoe providing greater resistance to scuffs and stains.

Originally developed to protect soldiers from chemical attack, the technology works by applying a protective layer, just nanometers thick, over the entire surface of the shoe using an ionized gas or ‘plasma’. Invisible to the naked eye, this process doesn’t affect the look, design or feel of the shoe in any way except to make it look new for longer.

Dr. Ian Robins, Business Development Director of P2i commented, “Our partnership with Hi-Tec has produced a wonderful demonstration of Ion-mask’s capabilities in the performance textile and footwear sector. For the product to win such a prestigious award, even before it’s been launched, is a real achievement for us and testament to the endless possibilities for Ion-mask’s commercialisation.”


October 21, 2008

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