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Glenmuir Performance Tech polo

New shirt for left handed golfers

With an estimated 90% of all UK golfers playing right-handed, the left-handed player has often been short-changed by the golf industry, which has, perhaps justifiably, focused on serving the vast majority of its customer base.

However, the right-handed bias has left lefties in the lurch as far as buying the right equipment has been concerned, with many finding it hard to track down left-handed clubs, as well as accessories such as gloves, bags and even hats (if you happen to have a ball marker clipped to the 'wrong' side it can be very annoying).

It was in a bid to capture some of this greatly under-served market that led PGA professional Terry Sims to launch his innovative business, Left Handed Golf, back in 2004. Based out of his pro shop at Kingswood Golf Club in Surrey, Sims stocks the widest range of left-handed equipment in Europe, with all the latest men's, ladies', seniors' and junior clubs, as well as offering trial clubs from all the major brands. With an on-line operation - www.lefthandedgolf.co.uk - Sims now serves a national and international client base, with clubs being shipped to the continent and as far away at Australia.

Not content with offering equipment and accessories, Sims has now decided to roll out the left-handed concept into the previously unchartered waters of the apparel industry, by launching the world's first left-handed polo shirt.

Designed by Sims, in conjunction with Glenbrae Golf , a UK-based apparel company that boasts 25 years' experience in the knitwear industry, and is well established in many pro shops around the country, the left-handed shirt is designed specifically to match the motion of a left-handed swing.

Although looking little different to the eye than a normal shirt, the left-handed polo, which is made of high quality, double mercerized cotton, features 25% more fabric and a specific stretch panel on, and over, the leading right shoulder. This aids the backswing by providing additional give and allowance for the shirt to shift with your turn, resulting in more freedom.

There is none of the unwanted tightness often found in standard shirts at the top of the backswing, while a deeper armhole also ensures that there is no restriction to free movement. However, the elastic nature of the material ensures that the shirt remains well fitted at all times.

Sims is confident that all left-handers will notice the difference when they try one on. He said: "I find that the litmus test is that if you wear the shirt and swing right-handed, it feels a little uncomfortable at the top of the backswing, but as soon as you adopt your 'normal' left-handed swing, it not only feels like it fits properly, but that it also works with your swing, rather than against it. There's neither too much or too little material, and it provides the support and the room to swing where it is needed most."

The Left-Handed Shirt is being worn in tournament conditions by Challenge Tour and European Tour professional Chris Gane, who is ranked among the top 15 left-handers in the world. While another to hopefully benefit from its game-enhancing technology is US President Barack Obama (aka 'The First Golfer'). He has been sent one of the very first samples to test out on the lawn at the White House, where the president has recently installed a practice area.

Priced at £39.95, and available in a choice of fashionable colours, the Left-Handed Polo Shirt is being officially launched on August 13, which also happens to be World Left-Handers' Day, an annual event that celebrates the joys of all things left.

For more information call Terry Sims on 01737 832334 or visit www.lefthandedgolf.co.uk


August 13, 2009

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