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Mizuno launch MP-52 irons

DUAL MUSCLE Pocket Cavity

The tour profiled MP-52 integrates a discreet pocket cavity for an uncompromising balance of shot-making and forgiveness.

Twin crescents milled into the MP-52 deepen its C.O.G - increasing stability from off centre hits, while remaining hidden at address.

A central impact bar and secondary muscle pad (DUAL MUSCLE) ensures that feel and feedback are tuned to meet professional expectations.

David Llewellyn R&D, "We wanted to bring as much stability and forgiveness into a classically shaped shot-makers iron as we could. We didn't want to increase the physical size of our previous MP irons, but we wanted it to forgive like a bigger head.

"The new crescent shaped pocket cavity is milled out after the forging stage. The pocket cavity isn't visible at address, so the MP-52 keeps a clean look where it matters most. We also left a re-enforcement behind the face to keep the feedback as solid as possible.

"The MP-52 is very much where design is heading - technologies to make the game easier, packaged up in a smaller, more versatile club head."


Available left and right hand. Standard steel shafts Dynamic Gold and Project X Rifle.
Custom set build available from 3-PW.


- Pocket Cavity: CNC Milled slot from 3-7 iron for increased forgiveness
- Tour preferred profile: Pocket cavity hidden at address
- Dual Muscle: Internal muscle reinforces impact area for exceptional feel
- Dual Camber Sole: Reduces turf drag from increased sole width
- Grain Flow Forged: 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel for solid feel and distance control
- Double Nickel Chrome Plated: Polished finish and durability
- Forged U Grooves: Optimum spin and control.


November 10, 2008

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