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Climate control from Nike Golf

When the weather goes south and you want to keep your game in prime condition there's no better protection than that offered by Nike Golf's technologically-advanced outerwear.

Designed to keep its wearers warm, dry and swinging in comfort long after their rivals have headed back to the shelter of the clubhouse, Nike Golf's 2009 Autumn/Winter collection draws upon the company's range of innovative fabric technology, NikeFIT, Functional Innovative Technology, to protect golfers from the elements.

Just as NIKE-AIR technology revolutionised the athletic footwear industry, NikeFIT fabrics have changed the performance characteristics of golf clothing.

NikeFIT is a group of four fabrics that has been designed to work together or be worn alone, allowing you to layer up or down according to the conditions.

DRI-FIT - Keeps you cool or warm, but always dry
If you're playing in the depths of winter, and the greens have barely thawed, then you'd need something to keep you warm without bringing you out in a sweat. The answer is Dri-FIT, a microfibre which works to keep you comfortable by transporting perspiration from your skin to the outside for rapid evaporation. As moisture is produced by the body, it moves quickly through the first hydrophobic layer of the Dri-FIT garment. This layer neither absorbs nor slows down the moisture; instead, it acts as a pump, delivering the moisture to a second hydrophylic layer, which disperses the moisture across the outer surface for rapid evaporation. Dri-FIT fabric - lightweight, breathable comfort.

THERMA-FIT - A blanket for your body
To add an extra insulating layer, without bulking up, golfers can turn to the sleeping bag-like qualities offered by Therma-FIT. Offering exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio, the tight weave of Therma-FIT fleece works like a microfibre blanket - making it extremely warm, yet light and comfortable. It dries quickly, compresses easily and has the soft feel of cashmere - thin, warm, light and stretchy.

CLIMA-FIT - Breathable protection from the elements
If a chill wind gets up, and is cutting through to your bones, a Clima-FIT layer will keep the elements at bay. ClimaFIT is a microfibre that resists rain, wind and snow, while allowing excess body heat and perspiration to escape. Protective, lightweight and extremely breathable, ClimaFIT allows for the efficient passage of moisture vapour to keep you comfortable while resisting outside moisture. The result is a truly lightweight, water-resistant fabric with outstanding breathability and a soft, supple feel.

STORM-FIT - Superior Waterproof Protection
And when the heavens open, as they have a habit of doing, the final defence line is
Storm-FIT, which offers the ultimate in wet weather protection, with its seam-sealed, breathable fabric completely blocking wind and rain penetration from up to 20,000mm of water pressure. Yet its also incredibly soft, supple, making for silent swings and increased comfort.

Whatever your needs, NikeFIT fabrics have a solution.

The 2009 Outwear Range, which features NikeFIT technology, comprises jackets, pullovers, trousers, vests and rainsuits, for women and men as well as kids, all of which set the industry standard for comfortable and functional apparel, while offering a range of eye-catching and fashionable colour palettes.

So, if you want to stay warm and dry, while stepping out in comfort and style this autumn, check out some of the key pieces in the new range below, all of which go on sale at selected pro shops and retail outlets from July 1, 2009.



August 13, 2009

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