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Nikon new Laser Range Finders

The new Nikon Laser 350G is one of the most advanced Rangefinders on the market. And thanks to the R&A’s recently amended ruling on range finders (Rule 14-3B)* it’s now a legal addition to your golf bag.

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder allows you to measure the distance to the pin, to a hazard, or even the distance from a hazard to the pin – taking your course management to a whole new level.

Armed with this knowledge you can select the most suitable club and play your shot with more confidence. It can also be used from as close as 11 yards away from the pin, making it easier to ensure perfect distance control on those all-important touch shots.

The 350G will solely focus on your target, no matter whether there are other hazards ahead or behind it such as bunkers or trees that could confuse measurement, thanks to Nikon’s First Target Priority technology.

The Nikon Laser Rangefinder is designed for sheer simplicity of use. Just aim it at the target, press the button and the distance will flash up. Not sure how far each of your clubs travel? No need for doubt any more – take the Rangefinder to the practice ground, hit each club 10 times, discount your bad shots and record the distance to the good shots, then simply take the average.

The 350G is lightweight and compact, with a water resistant battery chamber and shock resistant body, so if you get caught out in a shower or accidentally drop the device there’s no damage done.

Recommended retail price is £219.99.

Nikon Laser Rangefinder 350G: Key features & benefits

• It will measure the distance to any given point on the golf course, ideal for when you’re playing an unfamiliar course and can’t see, or calculate, the yardages to a dogleg or hazard for example.
• The Rangefinder’s closest measuring distance is 11 yards. This allows precise pitching control. Experiment with different lengths of swing then record your distance findings. Soon enough you’ll have a great vocabulary of shot game shots and peace of mind on those awkward distances.
• Worried about getting a precise reading with other objects in the frame? Nikon’s Target Priority Switch System eliminates this doubt. First Target Priority mode means the device will focus on the target even when there is a busy background, such as woods behind the pin. Distant Target Priority mode does the same thing when there are hazards between you and the target, such as bunkers.
• How about using the device on a bright, sunny day? A multi-layer coating applied to the lenses ensures a bright and clear view, reducing flare and ghost due to light reflection. You can therefore see all target objects on the golf course with clarity as if looking through a pair of binoculars.
• Worried about the great British summer?! The Rangefinder’s body is sealed and filled with nitrogen gas to block rain or moisture from entry. (The battery chamber is water resistant.) Additionally, the body is double-structured with a floating system that is resistant to water and shock. These safeguards allow precise and reliable measurement even in severe weather conditions.
• What about a shaky hand? You don’t need the touch of a surgeon to operate the Rangefinder. This clever, lightweight device steadies any hand movement, making it completely user friendly.

The advanced version…

The Nikon Laser 350G also has a more advanced brother - the 550A S - more suited to the serious amateur and professional. It takes distance measurement one-step further by allowing for the slope of the golf course terrain. That means that if you have an uphill or downhill shot to play, the Nikon Laser 550A S will take into account both height distances and slope angles and adjust your yardage to the pin accordingly. At present it is only legal for use in practice, not in competition play.

* The specifications of these products may vary depending on the target object’s shape, surface texture and nature, and/or weather conditions.

* In January 2008, the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews (R&A) announced the change to Rule 14-3b, also known as the range finder rule. The amended rule now states: “The Committee may make a Local Rule allowing players to use devices that measure or gauge distance only.” Therefore use of the Nikon Laser Rangefinder 350G is completely legal in play.

August 10, 2009

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