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The much-loved Penfold Heart is back!
August 20, 2008

The Penfold Heart, the golf ball favoured by James Bond 007 and made famous in the 1960s, is finally back in action, as Penfold Golf relaunches its HEART™ ball online to commemorate this year's Ian Fleming Centenary.

The Penfold Heart is back!

The golf ball with the heart logo was made famous by the 1964 Bond film, Goldfinger. Bond plays with a Penfold Heart ball in defeating arch-villain Auric Goldfinger, and Sean Connery (playing Bond for the third time in the third Bond movie) became a keen golfer as a result of playing golf in the blockbuster film. His co-star, the Penfold Heart, also shot to stardom, as orders for the British-made Penfold Heart poured in after the release of Goldfinger.


Founded in Birmingham in the 1920s, this British manufacturer of golf balls became world famous for exporting its one and two-piece golf balls. In the 1960s, the world's greatest golfers signed up to play for Penfold: Seve Ballesteros (who played a Penfold in winning the 1979 Open Championship at Lytham), Gary Player and Curtis Strange were joined in the 1970s by Peter Oosterhuis, Christy O'Connor, Howard Clark and Nick Faldo.

Anyone who was anybody either played for Penfold or played with a Penfold.

In the most famous golf match in literature, Fleming based the epic game between Bond and Goldfinger at Royal St. Mark's, a fictitious name mirroring the author's beloved Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, Kent, of which he was Captain-Elect at the time of death in 1964. This summer, Royal St. George's traced Penfold Golf back to its Birmingham roots to commission Penfold Hearts with the 007 logo, which were premièred in a charity golf match for The British Heart Foundation, hosted as part of the events to mark the Centenary of Fleming's birth on May 28, 1908.

Making the 007 golf balls encouraged Penfold Golf to re-instate the famous Heart golf balls. A limited number of collector's sets of Penfold Hearts are being launched in two waves, with the first wave launching this week. A donation will be made to The British Heart Foundation from each of the 500 collector's sets.

The Penfold Heart A dozen Penfold Hearts

The collector's 12-ball sets, costing £50 are available exclusively from www.penfoldgolf.com

"Each set comes in a commemorative slipcase, with a sequentially-numbered card to validate its authenticity as a collector's limited edition," explains Penfold Golf director, William Baird, who has guided the manufacture of golf balls for some 30 years.

"We are anticipating demand from both golfers and Bond fans, as both Penfold and 007 have a quintessentially British appeal, which is why we are launching the collector's sets in two phases," adds Baird.

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