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Ping iN Putters

Ping launch new iN putter series

In its 50th year, golf equipment manufacturer PING continues launches the new iN Putter Series.

The iN putter series elevates both feel and forgiveness by introducing new perimeter weighting and insert technologies. To achieve higher moments of inertia, the 10 new models have been engineered with center body cut outs which allows for weight to be re-distributed to the perimeter for increased stability.

The first-of-its-kind Nano-Nickel technology provides an extremely strong yet very lightweight insert which in turn produces a firm feel at impact similar to steel putters. Along with proven and popular shapes like the Anser, B60 and Craz-E, the new stainless steel series introduces the Wack-E and ½ Wack-E designs which offer added alignment features and higher MOI.

The iN range of putters represents yet another advancement in feel, forgiveness and alignment from a company synonymous with putter design, and as always with PING, the entire range has been manufactured so that each model can be custom fitted to suit individual putting strokes.

The eye-catching iN range comes with a matching head-cover and is available in 10 PING designs including; Anser V2, B60 V2, Craz-E, D67, ZB2, Wack-E, LiL Wack-E, ½ Wack-E, ½ Wack-E B and ½ Wack-E L.

RRP: £115 for Anser V2, B60 V2, D67, ZB2, LiL Wack-E & ½ Wack-E
£135 for Craz-E & Wack-E models
£140 for ½ Wack-E L (Long Putter) & ½ Wack-E B (Belly Putter) models


September 22, 2009

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