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Put the Spring Back in Your Step - With Profoot

The average person walks around 100,000 miles in their lifetime! - undoubtedly a brilliant way to help keep us fit and healthy, but it is also important that we take good care of our feet. Whilst walking is fantastic for helping to keep muscles toned and ligaments working efficiently, it is essential to wear the correct footwear to ensure you don't do any damage.

If you are an avid walker, you will already be familiar with the importance of comfort, but for those times when you might need a helping hand, Profoot can help you find the best solution for you… and your feet!

Favourites to use when out rambling or walking include the new waterproof ‘ Blister Plasters ' which help to alleviate pressure to blisters, whilst delivering Aloe Vera to the injury site to cleanse the wound. These unique plasters soothe and ease pain, meaning that you can continue your walk unrestricted!

Rubbing from shoes or boots can also be uncomfortable and no matter how much you have worn your footwear in the past, because feet tend to swell throughout the day, it can cause increased pressure in certain areas.

The versatile Multi Use Gel Padding can be trimmed to fit any area of the body which is threatened by rubbing and pressure and will conform to the contours of your body to provide instant relief. This self adhesive padding can be applied to either the skin or to the inside of boots for relief from rubbing and pressure.

The Blister Plasters are available from Asda. The entire Profoot range is available online from www.wellbury.co.uk or from most independent chemists including Lloyds Pharmacy. For further information on the entire range, telephone Profoot on 0208 492 1600 or visit www.profoot.co.uk .


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