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New Shoes Never Felt So Good! 

Just when you thought that Profoot couldn't possibly come up with any more innovations to make life in your shoes any easier, they have again risen to the challenge to help rid you of even more pressure! Fortunately, they understand the importance of nice looking footwear and that sometimes the desire to purchase a fabulous pair of new shoes can end in tears when your feet have to deal with the consequences! Thanks to the launch of their new Chiropody Felt – pain is set to become a thing of the past, enabling you to enjoy sassy new shoes not only in style…but now in comfort!

So How Does It Work?

The unique skin friendly self adhesive padding of the Chiropody Felt can be cut down to size and stuck to either your skin or the shoe itself to alleviate pressure and rubbing. What's more, the thick soft wool mix provides maximum cushioning to your foot without stealing too much of your shoe space!

What Is It Good For?

Whether the balls of your feet are rubbing on the base of your shoe, a bunion is causing you distress or poor fitting (but gorgeous we're sure!) new shoes are creating discomfort, the Chiropody Felt is ideal for providing instant…and effective relief! So now you can shop to your heart's content…after all, Profoot have taken charge of the rest!

Profoot Chiropody Felt is priced at £1.60 and is available from most independent chemists, (multiple retailers to be confirmed), on line at www.wellbury.co.uk or directly from Profoot by telephoning 0208 492 1600. Further information can also be found on the website www.profoot.co.uk


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