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ProQuip launch performance shirt

ProQuip, the world's leading innovator of all weather performance fabrics for golf and Preferred Supplier of weatherwear to the 2010 European Ryder Cup Team, has launched a unique, wool-rich base layer system, distinctively styled for on and off-course wear.

Sportwool is made with 51% Australian Extrafine Merino Wool and because it has more natural fibres than most base layers, it has superior thermal regulation and odour control properties.

Sportwool, already used by athletes in a host of other sports, gives incredible performance and offers proven natural thermal regulation that will cool golfers when it's hot and keep them warm in the cold.

It rapidly draws (wicks) vapour and sweat away from the skin to the outer part of the fabric leaving the inside dry and the golfer perfectly comfortable to play their best game.

Richard Head, Managing Director and Chief Designer of ProQuip, said: "Sportwool is the best base layer fabric I've ever seen and it is already a proven winner in other sports where athletes have demanded the best.

"With a technical garment like this you have to wear it to fully understand and appreciate just how good it really is. Its performance is outstanding."

Each shirt features a distinct button down collar design, fashionable on and off the course, enabling golfers to venture into the clubhouse without the need to have to change.

The ProQuip Sportwool shirt is available in red, black, white or navy, sizes S-XL. It has a suggested retail price of £59.


May 12, 2009

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