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New putting aid - The Putting Lane

While most amateur golfers will never execute a flawless drive like Tiger Woods, they could potentially putt like the golfing legend. Now the perfect putt is easier to attain with the help of The Putting Lane, a revolutionary training tool designed to promote a smooth, consistent putting technique.

The Putting Lane (patent pending) is the first product to be launched by the Executive Golf Association (EGA), and is the brainchild of the organization's founder and director, Kermit L. Olson, whose mission is to help everyday golfers get great results without spending hours on the putting green or driving range, or spending hundreds of dollars on lessons and training aids. An affordable and easy-to-use portable tool, The Putting Lane will make its debut on The Golf Channel via a series of 60-second spots starting today, June 8, 2009.

The Putting Lane consists of:

  • A 4.25-inch-diameter plastic disc (the size of a regulation golf hole) with a removable center; graphic green arrows on top of the disc mark a straight line through the center of the disc
  • Two clear plastic legs
  • An attachable and removable circular bubble level

The disc and legs are easily assembled and then placed on the green one foot away from the ball toward the hole, and with the green arrows aligned with the intended target line. Golfers then putt the ball, rolling it directly through the center of The Putting Lane - the green arrows aid in hitting the ball straight down the target line. Players can also remove the center disc to watch the ball roll under the device.

Not surprisingly, Olson, a seasoned golf instructor and former U.S. World Karate Team Champion, says his teaching mantra is to focus on the putt. "To reduce strokes and bring scores down, mastering consistent, solid putting can result in the most dramatic improvement," comments Olson. "Whether it's a 300-yard drive or a simple short putt, a stroke is a stroke," he continues.

According to Olson, most missed putts happen because people lift their head. The Putting Lane is the only tool on the market that teaches golfers to get their putt started in the right direction by consistently keeping their head down. Olson explains, "The device sits within the peripheral vision, so the player can simply envision the target line without moving his or her head when putting; and most importantly, the player learns to trust his or her stroke."

The circular bubble level trains golfers to better read the green by indicating the direction of the putt. When the center disc and legs are removed, The Putting Lane can also be used to help in chipping and pitch shots.

Manufactured with quality and precision, The Putting Lane, which has been in the development process for nearly a year, comes in a small, easy-to-carry canvas tote. With a retail price of $19.95, it makes a reasonably priced - and fun - gift for golfers of all levels and can be ordered in plenty of time for this Father's Day.

For more information and to order, please visit www.theputtinglane.com or call 1-800-377-8062.


June 9, 2009

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