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RainWedge: Rain is no longer a pain

Vitalstock are expanding after their huge success following the arrival of Lift Tee in the UK . Now the country's best selling alternative golf tee, the time has come for Vitalstock to introduce another exclusive product, perfect for golfers.

RainWedge  £24.99

No golfer wants to take their mind off the game and worry about keeping golf clubs dry. Balancing the protection of expensive equipment with necessity to access different clubs is no easy feat in the face of gusts, gales and downpours. Thankfully the inventors of RainWedge have designed a premier clip-on rain-hood that covers the clubs at all times. Sounds simple? It is.

The RainWedge is ready for use in seconds and fits to any golf bag, whether pulling, carrying or driving your clubs. When dry, the pivot design retracts fully for a complete view of the clubs. With the flip-back hood, clubs can be selected without exposing the entire set.

Taking the latest innovations from water-resistant camping technology, RainWedge is made from durable, rip –stop nylon, making it resilient to the elements. No more dragging a wet towel around the course, the RainWedge is lightweight and completely flexible and stores inside your bag just like a golf club.

For local stockists and further information please contact Vitalstock Ltd


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