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Silhouette Creates the Ideal Round

Ideal Golf is a revolutionary new range of sunglasses from top eyewear and eye protection experts, Silhouette – the people that develop sunglasses for NASA.

The new range has been developed specifically for golfers and is unique in that each pair of sunglasses can be completely tailored to the eye protection, performance and style requirements of the individual.

Ideal Golf could be one of the quickest and easiest ways for golfers to improve their handicap as unimpeded and unstrained eyesight is so important in terms of performance around the greens and fairways. The range features a light-stabilising technology that enhances the contrast between green and other colours – above all white – and harmonises extreme light fluctuations.

Improved contrast boosts perception of details and distances and precludes rapid eye fatigue.
Design features such as extreme lightness and a wraparound construction also optimise performance whilst the striking yet discreet style is perfect both on and off course for men and women.

As a new performance benchmark for eye protection, Silhouette’s Ideal Eyes golf collection also includes the following protective features:

• Total UV protection up to 400 nm

• Quality class 1 polycarbonate lenses

• Glare proof, 5-fold anti-reflective coating – eliminating unpleasant dazzle effects

• Water repellent coating

• 8-base and 10-base curving design to shield against intense solar radiation

Ideal Golf sunglasses are available at selected optical practices and priced from £140.


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