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Srixon Distance

New distance ball from Srixon

Srixon Sports Ltd has announced the launch of a new and improved premium Distance ball, that has higher initial velocity and a penetrating ball flight for greater distance plus a responsive light feel and exceptional durability and is ideal for those with a swing speed of 80mph or greater.

CORE: Highly resilient, larger Energetic Gradient Growth core with a softer compression gives higher initial velocity and high launch angle with lower spin resulting in greater carry and distance together with a responsive light feel

COVER: Highly resilient ionomer cover provides longer drives and exceptional cut proof durability

AERODYNAMICS: The 420 dimple configuration gives a true and penetrating trajectory

ENERGETIC GRADIENT GROWTH CORE: The proprietary Energetic Gradient Growth Core progressively increases from the firm periphery toward the soft centre, making the ball explode off the club face and reducing spin for ultimate distance, while providing unmatched feel on approach shots

The new Distance ball will be available in both green grass outlets and leading off course retailers from Autumn 2009 and has a suggested retail price of £16.99 per dozen.

Source Sports Marketing Surveys Retail Audit January 2007 – August 2009

Full details of this and all other products can be obtained by enjoying the Srixon Experience on WWW.SRIXON.CO.UK


October 9, 2009

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