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Introducing the StickTips TeachingPro

Screaming Brands has launched a product for golf instructors; TeachingPro StickTips TeachingPro is a system that gives golf instructors, golf schools, and golf clinics, the ability to create customized yardage and golf tip labels for their student’s clubs.

The TeachingPro system comes with a CD that contains a simple software template that works on any PC, instructions, 24-StudentPack of pre-die cut label sheets, and yardage calculation worksheets.

The template gives the instructor the ability to save the student’s club yardage and tips for future reference, and to print them out
with a standard inkjet printer. StickTips are water resistant, vinyl, crack & peel labels. Instructors use the simple calculation worksheet to determine a student’s average shot distance for all of their clubs (driver, woods, irons, and hybrids).

Full, 3/4, and 1/2 distances can be recorded for each club. There are also labels on each sheet so an instructor can create individualized swing tips for their student’s clubs. Once created and printed out, StickTips
attach to the golf shaft, either by the club head for yardage labels, or by the grip for swing tips. Now a golfer can review the club distance options with their clubs still in the bag and/or get that last minute swing thoughts when they address the ball.

According to Chris Nehlen, President of Screaming Brands, "Most golfers don’t really know how far they hit most of their clubs. Many people have written and developed charts about it, but how does a golfer keep that knowledge where they need it—on the course—on the club?

And, since every golfer is different, be they a beginner or advanced, senior or junior, man or woman, the distances they hit their clubs varies widely. We’ve solved that problem in a simple and easy way."

TeachingPro and other StickTips products are available on theWeb at www.sticktips.com.


July 4, 2009

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