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TaylorMade Launch R9 and R9 TP Drivers

TaylorMade-adidas Golf pioneered adjustability in modern golf clubs with the r7® quad, which launched in 2004. It incorporated TaylorMade's revolutionary Movable Weight Technology (MWT®), which gave golfers the power to change the clubhead's centre of gravity (CG) to promote different types of ball flight.

The r7 quad driver spawned a long list of TaylorMade clubs with MWT, including fairway woods, Rescue® clubs, putters, and of course, more drivers. Each subsequent r7 driver introduced offered a significant boost in performance over the last, including the recently launched r7 Limited, which promotes 35 yards of side-to-side change in trajectory.

"Five years after the debut of the r7 quad, the time has come to unveil the next revolution in golf club adjustability, a revolution made possible by a technology so groundbreaking that it warrants a passing of the torch," said Sean Toulon, TaylorMade's executive vice president of innovation. "That's why this driver isn't the next in the line of r7, but rather the first in the line of R9."

TaylorMade Flight Control Technology
What sets the R9 driver apart from all other drivers is that it incorporates our new TaylorMade Flight Control Technology, or FCT for short. With a simple twist of a wrench, FCT allows you to change the R9's face angle, loft and lie angle. How does FCT work? It starts with a small metallic sleeve positioned over the tip of the shaft. The shaft is secured to the clubhead with a specially made bolt in the bottom of the clubhead. The FCT bolt is designed to be retained in the well to eliminate the chance of losing it. The sleeve, made of high-strength 7075-T6 aluminum alloy, is ringed around the bottom with small teeth, which tightly mesh with a second ring of matching teeth within the hosel. You can change the clubhead's characteristics (face angle, loft, lie) by loosening the FCT bolt, removing the shaft from the head, rotating the sleeve and shaft into a specified position, then locking them into that position within the head with the FCT bolt.

"The R9 driver offers eight positions, and changing from one position to another is easy and takes only a matter of seconds," said Dr. Benoit Vincent, TaylorMade's chief technical officer. "When changing, it's important to recognise that as the face angle closes, the loft increases; and as the face angle opens, the loft decreases." Thus the R9 driver is engineered to promote trajectories that are 1) increasingly higher, long-carrying and which move from right-to-left; 2) increasingly lower, more controllable and which move from left-to-right; or 3) which are neutral, with relatively straight flight and at mid-level height.

"Every golfer, whether a tour pro or high-handicapper, knows that the position of the face angle at address is critical to confidence," said Harry Arnett, TaylorMade's senior category director of equipment. "Strong players prone to hooks much prefer looking at a square or slightly open face at address, while slicers find reassurance in seeing a closed face. FCT gives the golfer the ability to adjust the face to the position that they like best, which is a huge advantage."

Most previous TaylorMade metalwoods can be bent to adjust the face, loft and lie angles; it happens every week on the European Tour in the TaylorMade Tour Truck, as tour pros commonly request such tweaks to improve their performance. However, the process requires a tour technician to immobilise the clubhead and bend the hosel by hand. FCT makes it possible to quickly, accurately and easily adjust the face, loft and lie angles.

Please click the link below to see Nick Faldo speaking about TaylorMade's Flight Control Technology:


FCT + MWT = Total Adjustability
What makes the R9 driver totally adjustable as opposed to partially adjustable is that it unites FCT with MWT. The clubhead features three weight ports and comes equipped with one 16-gram and two 1-gram weights. Put the heavy weight in the heel port to promote a draw, in the toe port to promote a fade, and in the middle port to promote a straight flight.

The combined effect of FCT and MWT gives golfers an amazing amount of influence over their trajectory, and gives the R9 driver a tremendous advantage over other drivers. TaylorMade testing indicates that the R9 driver promotes up to 75 yards of side-to-side trajectory change, depending upon how the clubhead characteristics are set and the weights are configured.

The multiple settings made possible by combining FCT with MWT give you twenty-four drivers with the purchase of one club (eight clubhead positions made possible by FCT multiplied by three MWT configurations: 8 x 3 = 24).

The R9 driver includes a new white wrench that must be used with both the FCT bolt and the movable weights. This wrench and this wrench only must be used with the R9 driver because the FCT bolt requires 40 inch-pounds of torque to tighten fully; older MWT wrenches deliver only 30 inch-pounds of torque Like previous wrenches, the R9 wrench emits a loud and powerful "click" when either the FCT bolt or MWT weights have been sufficiently tightened.

"New Classic" Clubhead Shape with Ultra-Thin Wall Technology
The R9 driver features a new clubhead shape that merges modern and classic lines with incredible effectiveness. It's best described as a cross between the r7 SuperQuad and the r7 Limited - a triangular shape with beautifully contoured corners. TaylorMade calls it "New Classic" because it is at once modern and traditional, and should prove to be popular for a long time to come. The triangular shape offers four distinct advantages: 1) it allows for a deep back, far-from-the-face CG location that makes it easier to launch the ball; 2) it contributes to a higher MOI for greater stability on off-centre hits; 3) it allows for an exceptionally low CG location that's lower than that of the r7 Limited and the r7 SuperQuad; and 4) it works more efficiently with MWT, allowing it to use only three ports and cartridges to more effectively influence trajectory than the r7 SuperQuad could with four.

The R9 clubhead is constructed with the aid of TaylorMade's Ultra-Thin Wall (UTW) technology, which allows for clubhead walls measuring as thin as 0.6 millimeters, with the saved weight redistributed to make both MWT and the low-and-deep CG possible.

Inverted Cone Technology
The R9 driver also incorporates TaylorMade's renowned Inverted Cone clubface technology, which expands the area of the clubface that delivers high ball speed. Characterised by an inverted cone that's milled directly onto the inner side of the clubface, Inverted Cone Technology increases the R9's forgiveness on mis-hits. The combination of the R9 driver's Inverted Cone Technology, high MOI and exceedingly low CG makes it incredibly easy to hit.

New Fujikura Motore graphite shaft with High Inertia Tip (H.I.T.) Technology
The R9 driver comes equipped with a brand new shaft by Fujikura Golf. The 65-gram Fujikura Motore graphite shaft is engineered with a new, advanced tip construction that promotes faster ball speed. Called High Inertia Tip (H.I.T.) technology, it's characterised by an optimally designed tip architecture that promotes added kick through the impact zone to promote increased ball speed and distance.

The Most Advanced Driver in TaylorMade History
"When you consider the extraordinary list of technologies and innovations that make up the R9, the undeniable conclusion is that this is the most advanced driver TaylorMade has ever created," said Harry Arnett, TaylorMade's senior category director for equipment. "More important is how those technologies work together to make the R9 driver perform. It's forgiving and easy to hit. Its total adjustability makes it easy to tune its characteristics to best fit the player, the course, the weather, etc. TaylorMade started making adjustable golf clubs five years ago with the r7 quad. Clearly, we've come a long, long way since then."

The R9 driver is offered in 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degree lofts (9.5 and 10.5 left-handed), and in X, S, R and M shaft flexes. The recommended retail price is £349, €449* and availability will begin on March 23, 2009.

The R9 TP driver is offered in 8.5, 9.5, and 10.5 degree lofts (9.5 and 10.5 left-handed), and in X, S, and R shaft flexes. The recommended retail price is £399 and €499* and availability will begin on March 23, 2009.


January 21, 2009

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