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Tea Tree Toughen Up To Soften Down The Men!

It's a well known fact that we men are notorious for sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to talking about our health issues, whether they be our own or someone else's! But with International Men's Health Week (IMHW) fast approaching, it offers us guys an opportunity to focus on any concerns that we may have…big or small. To coincide with this initiative, Tea Tree Ltd has also been concentrating on ‘man stuff' to develop a number of health products specially formulated for our tough skin - the ultimate grooming range to help us look and feel fantastic!

The Tea Tree Ltd range of treatments has the unique effect of keeping your skin soft to maintain moisture levels throughout. The products also work hard to stop pain, kill bacteria and leave a pleasant feeling on the skin. What's more, skin is able to absorb the oil very well which means you aren't left with a nasty residue after usage…so when it comes to shaving, this contemporary essential Tea Tree range really is the best a man can get!

The Shaving Gel, which provides a layer of protection between the skin and the razor helps to reduce the risk of razor burn, nicks and cuts whilst the Shaving Balm gently cools and soothes the skin after shaving. To replenish the skin whenever it feels tired, the Facial Moisturiser will hydrate and rejuvenate, whilst the Face Cream is excellent at repairing tired skin and injecting energy back into it after a hard day at work. So now you can kick the habit of using a cheap shaving foam and go down a route that won't send you to work with a chin full of plasters!

With prices starting from £3.49, the Tea Tree Ltd range is available from independent health food stores. For your nearest stockist simply visit www.lifeplan.co.uk .


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