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UniPutt - Help cut wrist action

Uniputt was launched this year to help eliminate troublesome wrist action on the putting greens and on chipping shots, and is already in regular use by more than 130 tour pros.

The idea is to set Uniputt to contact with the target-facing forearm at address. The golfer makes his or her stroke, keeping the arm in contact with Uniputt throughout the stroke. This immediately eliminates any hinging of the wrists for a solid and consistent stroke.

If there is any wrist movement then Uniputt gives immediate sensory feedback by loss of contact, increase in pressure, or the ball sliding across the arm. Just maintaining contact between the Uniputt ball and the arm will correct these faults.

Hinging the wrists makes it difficult to control the speed, angle and direction of the putter head, and is one of the main causes of missed short putts. Eliminating wrist movement is an important part of the ideal pendulum stroke used by pros and recommended by coaches. Uniputt provides immediate feedback to help eliminate unnecessary wrist action in minutes.

Expect to pay around £19.99
(www.yesgolf.co.uk )

- Improved directional accuracy

- Better distance control

- Greater consistency

- Better strike and purer roll

- Better performance under pressure


December 24, 2008

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