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UST Launches New V2 Hybrid – Golf's Most Advanced Hybrid Shaft

As the popularity of hybrid clubs explodes on the PGA Tour and on golf courses around the country, United Sports Technologies® (UST) — the innovator of golf's first graphite shaft specifically designed for hybrids — has set a new benchmark with the introduction of its all-new Proforce® V2 Hybrid shaft.

The industry leader in hybrid shaft technology, UST already created a huge buzz on tour this year with its incredibly powerful, super low-torque design of the Proforce V2 wood that masterfully balances torque, weight, spin and launch angle. Today, the new Proforce V2 Hybrid is a high performance graphite shaft that is already Tour-proven and features the highest quality materials for the most consistent, best feeling hybrid shaft ever produced.

“Like the V2, the new V2 Hybrid graphite shafts incorporates all of our advanced technologies — such as hoop strength fiber orientation, optimized torque configurations and tip balanced engineering — plus it has been specifically designed to expand the playability of long irons, utility clubs and fairway woods,” says Gene Simpson, vice president of sales and marketing for UST. “With more pro and amateur golfers discovering the playing benefits of utility clubs, the demand to make hybrids and fairway woods easier to control has never been greater, and the new V2 Hybrid shafts meet that demand with spectacular playability.”

UST is well-known for its revolutionary ‘hoop strength' technology, and Simpson explains that the 90-degree graphite fiber orientation in the mid- and butt-sections of the V2 Hybrid shaft is designed to generate hoop strength that helps the shaft recover faster when loaded or flexed and gives the shaft a uniquely stable feel in the golfer's hands. Combining the hoop strength design with lower torque engineering and enhanced flexibility, the new V2 Hybrid, like the V2 wood, provides unparalleled stability and consistency, and balances the tip section to launch the ball higher with increased ball speed, while the optimized torque reduces spin for superior control.

The new Proforce V2 Hybrid has a more flexible tip than its IROD cousin, featuring a more flexible tip section for better feel and higher launch. The flex engineering of the V2 hybrid also creates a more sensitive feel, yet the real benefit is the shaft's ability to generate more power and unparalleled distance control.

Proforce V2 Hybrid graphite shafts are available in three tip diameters — 0.335 in. and 0.370 in. — to fit both fairway wood and hybrid clubheads. The Proforce V2 Hybrid will carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $95.

For more information on UST or UST products, call 800.277.0534 or visit www.ustgolfshaft.com


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