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All eyes focused on youthful vision

Golfers, gardeners and active 50-somethings are enjoying a secret advantage to enhance their game.

World class veteran, Gary Player, is amongst an elite group of both amateur and professional golfers who have had the lenses in their eyes replaced with an intraocular multifocal ReZoom lens that restores the vision to that of their youth.

Like many other active adults, Gary was suffering from the common problems of cataracts and presbyopia: "For seven years I lived with not being able to see my golf ball land in the fairway, not being able to read to my grandchildren and being worried about night driving," said the 71 year old.

Only a week after his ReZoom lens replacement Player competed in the 2006 Masters, landing a birdie on Augusta 's tough first hole.

"I am now able to read a putt, see my emails and read to my granddaughter without glasses. It has given me back my life," added Player.

"I didn't feel anything during the procedures - no pain. It was very easy to be a patient," he added.

The visual problems that Player experienced are now overcome by the ReZoom lenses. Problems with driving vision, struggling with the small print and fumbling for glasses, are now a thing of the past, thanks to the intraocular lens (IOL) implants. Surgically positioned into the eye in a ten minute operation, the multifocal lenses are not just enjoyed by patients with cataracts but also by an increasing number of younger patients who want to be free of their glasses and contact lenses.

Much like a multifocal spectacle lens, with near, intermediate, and distance powers, the lens provides the flexibility of vision that most of us enjoyed in our youth.

Significant technical improvements to lens technology, pioneered by AMO, the manufacturer's of the ReZoom lens, mean that surgeons are finding the best of vision is created by fitting one eye with a lens such as the ReZoom™ for distance and intermediate vision and the Tecnis™ for near and far vision.

This not only reinstates the patient's vision, but is also designed to reduce the amount of spherical aberration in the eye to give clearer, sharper, vision.


Most people over 40 need glasses for close-up work and an option for those people who wish to have the maximum level of spectacle independence is a multifocal IOL.

The Tecnis Multifocal uses aspheric technology for clear, sharp, vision, but also used defractive optic technology to divide the light entering the eye 50/50 to a near and far point of focus. This combination of diffractive and aspheric technology enables someone with the implant to see well near and far in good or poor light conditions.



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