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Day Three of the 2007 London Golf Show again saw large crowds and a particularly welcome number of younger visitors, many of whom already seemed capable of cranking out 270 - 290 yards drives on the various simulators around the hall.

If you're coming on Sunday, try and get there as soon as the doors open at 10.00 to get first crack on the range. You'll then have plenty of time to take in the other very popular attractions. As well as the fashion shows and trick-shots, there is the famous floating green on the Thames, putting and chipping contests, remarkably life-like simulators, the tantalising holiday destinations, a dizzying array of gagdets and gizmos and even relaxing massage therapy. Not forgetting, of course, expert tuition, the huge retail outlet and bargains all over the hall, plus endless competitions and draws offering all manner of prizes.

Don't miss a look in at driving bays 9 and 10, where you'll find an intriguing new twist on the game called 'GolfCross'. For those whose enjoyment of the game is often ruined by miserable days on the green, this is for you. There's no hole, you play to a goal, and the ball is oval, not round. Seriously. But the skill of striking the golf ball is just as relevant here as in the traditional game. Try hitting a few shots - it's a whole new experience, and GolfCross facilities are springing up all over the country.

With so much to see and do, it can be difficult to choose where to begin. You won't want to miss out testing equipment on the range, but if you're pushed for time browsing the enormous selection of product offerings on the stands, here is another eclectic collection of a few 'must see' items that caught our eye... (Our previous selections can be found here and here.)


This is perhaps the simplest, most satisfying and realistic putting aid we have seen. Two finely engineered metal plates and a spring system accept accurate and well-paced putts, but reject speedy, weak or offline efforts. Visit stand S-27.
Truestrike Golf Mats

This revolutionary mat replaces the artificial turf striking area with a gel-filled strip which acts just like real turf, giving the true sensation of taking a divot. Less forgiving than the usual mat, but far better for your game! See them on stand 1421.
Combining the benefits of magnetic therapy and minus ions to improve blood flow, reduce joint pain and create a feeling of well-being and improved concentration, these fashionable bracelets are worn - unpaid - by over 170 PGA Tour pros. You'll find them in the American Golf shop.
Huxley Rotanet

These fully retractable golf nets can be set up in just two minutes indoors or out, and broken down again just as fast, making even a 10 minute practice session very feasible. A perfect, compact solution. Try them out on stand 1809.
Funky Golf Grips

For colour and individuality on the course, try these grips for clubs and putters in nine 'funky' colours. Made of elastomer- based material, not rubber, they feel sticky and soft to the touch, and are waterproof and sweatproof. Stand S-10.
Galileo Vibration Training Systems

If you want to tone up for golf but hate the drudgery of long work outs, this might be for you. Developed in the old Soviet Union for cosmonauts and athletes, it uses vibration to make the muscles work faster and more efficiently. Stand 2260.


A perfect, stylish gift, this is a combined divot tool, ball marker and prop for your putter around the green. It folds away and springs out like an expensive car key. Eliminates wet grips and holes in pockets. Buy one on stand S-27b.

To see the products reviewed on Day 1 click here, and for Day 2 click here.

April 27, 2007



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