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Day Three of the 2008 London Golf Show saw more big crowds and plenty of families enjoy another busy day of browsing, playing and shopping at London's ExCel.

Long, but well-tempered, queues at the floating green, hole in one, driving range, simulators, long driving and putting greens attested to the popularity of the formula, while the cash tills in the golf store rang up endless bargains all day.

International Students from around the World attend the Professional Golfers Career College
International Students from around the World attend the Professional Golfers Career College

At Golf Today we receive numerous queries from young golfers and their parents, asking us for advice on how to go about a career in the golf industry. If the youngster's mind is set on being a playing professional, our initial advice is always "get an education first", as very few can make the grade as a touring professional, and it's a high risk decision to pursue playing stardom without a fallback option.

We were therefore very pleased to listen to the lively stage show provided by Dr Tim Somerville of the Professional Golfers Career College, a specialised institution that offers a two-year Associate's Degree in Professional Golf Management. Alumni of the college are virtually guaranteed an excellent job placement on graduation, and equipped for numerous careers in the industry, including pro-shop or retail management, teaching, Director of Golf, golf administration and sales representation and management in the numerous supplier companies.

With the golf industry booming around the world and in need of qualified professionals to manage the growing complexity of the business, we firmly believe such training is the ideal route to a rewarding career in the sport.

Our final browse around the stands came up with a third selection of products and services - some costing less than £20, some much more - but all worth your consideration, in our opinion.

The Caddy Aid GPS Distance Finder  

Caddy Aid GPS Distance Finder

Caddy Aid is the only GPS product in the world which shows an aerial photo of the hole being played on its colour computerised touch screen. The player simply looks at the automated readout showing front and carry distances to any key point on the hole. Used by professionals and their caddies.

The Rainwedge  

The Rain Wedge

The Rain Wedge allows one hand to flip up the cover while the other hand quickly removes a club from your golf bag. Set-up is quick and easy, with a clip and strap system securing it to your bag so it cannot blow away in the wind. Simple and effective, from the ever-innovative folk at Vitalstock.

The Prosleeve Ball Retriever and Dispenser  

The Prosleeve Ball Retriever and Dispenser

We've said it before, but the simple ideas are always the best. Tube shag-bags are great for retrieving, but this one allows you to dispense the balls all at once OR one by one, thanks to a trigger mechanism. It's perfect for chipping and putting practice, holds 14 balls and folds into an umbrella shape.

Daly Golf's Precision 3 Putter  

Daly Golf Precision Putters

Designed by professional Robin Daly, son of Fred, the only Irishman to win The Open until Padraig Harrington, Daly putters have superb feel and balance. A flat sole encourages the ideal set-up, while bi-concave technology enlarges the sweet-spot and resists twisting on off-centre hits for precision putting.


Avanti Golf Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner

Avanti Golf's ultrasonic machine will clean a full set of clubs, and the grips, in just 3 minutes, amid a satisfying hiss of microscopic bubbles, removing dirt and grease without wear and tear on precious clubs. Numerous options available for installing this system at your club.

The Ballzee 3 in 1 Game Towel  

The Ballzee 3 in 1 Game Towel

Also from Vitalstock, the Ballzee T3 towel features moisture-lock scrubbing squares that safely remove dirt and ground-in grass stains, which ordinary towels cannot shift. The towel stays wet while your hands stay dry and it's guaranteed not to scratch your club face! Personalising service available.

The Professional Golfers Career College  

The Professional Golfers Career College

The PGCC offers a golf college program that provides education for a career in the golf industry, including golf management, instruction and business. The accent is on academics, although a great deal of golf is also played on superb courses near the three campuses in Florida, California and South Carolina.


To see our selected products from Day One, please click here, or for Day Two, click here.

April 27, 2008



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