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Insects, bugs, midges call them what you will can be at best an irritating distraction when you're out and about on the golf course or at worst an outright pain!

Some of us appear to be absolute magnets for such little creepy, crawling, buzzing little blighters so when a couple of BugBands landed on my desk I was more than happy to give them a trial run. These innovative little bracelets, not a million miles from the coloured rubber band type things that seem compulsory accessories these days, are an alternative to the sprays and lotions that I am sure many of us have tried.

As a true test I took these on a recent visit to Iceland, to an area called Myvatn. Which translated means "Midge Lake" and it's an accurate name, the area being infamous for its denizens.

Upon exiting the car at the first point close to the lake for a whole 5 seconds we enjoyed the general beauty and ambience of the place. Before a whole swarm of these midges appeared from nowhere! Buzzing around and taking nibbles out of any exposed flesh.

A quick retreat to the car and the BugBands were duly donned. To be honest they do smell quite a bit, but probably no worse than any other sort of repellant, and after a while you do get used to it.

Duly armed it was actually quite an amusing site for a few moments to watch the bugs react, they quite literally came within range and shot off at high speed, and waving arms around you could actually chase them away, humans strike back! The novelty of that soon wore off of course, but afterwards I don't recall a single bug landing, and certainly suffered no bites, and were free to enjoy the day.

After leaving the lake the bracelets were duly put back into their little plastic storage containers which preserves them, for up to 120 hours its claimed, which should keep most people going for a good few days, especially if you remember to seal the band away when not required.

All in all though a successful field test!

BugBand are produced by Vitalstock, price £4.99. For a list of stockists visit their website here.

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