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Caddiepen - the pencil on a reel

"Anyone got a pencil?" must be one of the most commonly heard questions among golfers leaving the first green. Usually followed by much hopeful rummaging through bags until one is found, then standing around watching each other perform the miracle of writing.

How much easier if it was permanently available and virtually impossible to lose.


Step forward caddiepen. Like all good ideas it is beautifully simple. You hang it on your bag, you pull the pencil out on its string to write down your score, and when you're done it reels itself in automatically.

The makers claim it is extremely durable, with a high-grade plastic reel and nylon thread which won't rust or rot. Not rocket science, but someone needed to think of it.

This is a natural both for over the counter sales in pro shops and for the corporate and society markets. It can be personalised with logos and advertising messages which are protected from the weather under a permanent acrylic dome and it comes in a variety of colours as standard. Corporate colours can also be catered for (see the company website).

It lasts, it won't get lost in the rough, the trees or the pond, it is constantly visible and will be in permanent use. And yes, you can get replacement pencils, in matching colours.

Clive Carpenter
June 2006

For more information about caddiepen visit www.caddiepen.com


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