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Golf GPS only £49.99!


CaddyAid Mobile makes golf GPS simple - and inexpensive at only £49.99!

It's always so impressive when the pros keep hitting the ball hole high, or on the correct part of the fairway or green to give themselves the easiest next shot. But how do they do it?

Well, for one thing, they strike the ball better than most of us, and it usually goes where they are aiming! But that's not enough. They also know to within three feet exactly the distance they have to cover to reach a particular spot or avoid what lies ahead.

Jack Nicklaus popularised yardage calculations in the 1960's, but he had to do it by walking the course with a pencil and notebook. But now satellite technology and hand-held GPS devices will do all the drudgery and calculations for you, and - depending on what you buy - aren't nearly as costly as you might think.

There are many excellent GPS devices on the market, but perhaps you've been waiting for the prices to come down before taking the plunge? In some cases with prices around £300, they're costly and yet another piece of kit to lug around on the course. And you'll often have to pay when you want to add to the library of courses in your device.

But now, for only £49.99, you can get all the readouts on the hole you could possibly want, PLUS a full Tour-quality course guide, displayed directly on your mobile phone, PLUS unlimited UK courses, thanks to CaddyAid Mobile who have just released version 2 of their ground-breaking software.

CaddyAid Mobile offers so much more than the expensive competition, and all at a price which is at long last affordable. The software works on a multitude of mobile phones including Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, Samsung, LG and more, (click here for the full list and a free trial download) and there is also a version for the I Phone called Golf GPS i. The £49.99 price tag includes the software download and unlimited courses in the UK.

Golf GPS i
Green Readout Hazard View Tour Guide On the iPhone

There are 3 main screens. The first being the Green View screen, showing you in large numbers readouts to the front, middle and back of the green. Secondly the Hazard View screen shows distance to all the key points such as bunkers, ponds, ditches, trees etc.., and finally the full Tour distance guide of the hole can be viewed, as used at the last three Open Championships.


Unlimited Courses
For the price of £49.99 you get unlimited access to over 2500 courses in the UK. All of this data is built into your phone, so no need to worry about using cables to download, its all included. You can search by A-Z, or the courses nearest to you will automatically be shown.
Click here for demo

Hazard View
It makes no difference where you are on the course, you will always know the distance to the green. CaddyAid Mobile shows you automatically the distance to the front and back to all features such as the green, bunkers, trees, ditches and ponds.
Click here for demo

Green View
Showing you the readouts to the front, middle and back of the green, in large, very easy to see numbers, so when walking down the fairway or even for those golfers whose eyesight is not the best, these numbers are easy and quick to read.
Click here for demo

Graphic View
Within CaddyAid Mobile is the facility to physically have a full Tour Guide of the course on your phone, the same as professional players use on Tour and in the Open Championship. No GPS device delivers what CaddyAid delivers, all for £49.99.
Click here for demo

For additional user-friendliness, the Tour Guide keeps on feeding you information even if you cannot acquire a good signal on your phone. Quite simply no other golf GPS product does that for you.

With the Golf GPS i software for the iPhone you see the actual photo of the course, and if the GPS signal is lost, your phone will still provide you with the information you need, using the aerial photograph to zoom in and pinpoint your position on the course, and giving automated readouts to all key points such as the green, bunkers, trees, ditches and ponds. In fact this fantastic facility has been available for some time on its sister product called CaddyAid, being used on PDA type devices.

David Morris, Managing Director of DMC, developers of CaddyAid Mobile GPS, says: "Without doubt, the GPS industry has made a significant impact on golfers but, up till now, they are paying a very high price for basic GPS readouts, with most of the money going for bespoke hardware and expensive advertising campaigns.

"We know the golfer wants GPS at an affordable price, and as a leader in the GPS sector have now made that possible. For under £50 and unlimited courses in the UK, the golfer gets all the GPS readouts they could ever need, plus the Tour graphics as well".

But it's not just the price and the convenience of CaddyAid on your mobile phone that make it such a bargain. Imagine you have spent £300 on a specific GPS device, and it gets lost, stolen, or damaged out of warranty. What are the chances that the company will feel sorry for you and give you a new, free unit after your misfortune? Just about non-existent.

With CaddyAid Mobile, however, if you lose your phone or get an upgraded model, all you need to do is request the software again for free, and it will be sent to you as a text message. How good is that!

Please remember to turn your phone to 'Silent'

CaddyAid Mobile makes the finest GPS technology affordable to all golfers, and will surely lead the market in a new direction. You may not see a lot of advertising, for this is a fine example of David taking on the Goliaths. Fast-growing Welsh company DMC, who have developed the software, do not deploy the huge marketing budgets of the other companies, allowing them to offer a great product at a fantastic price to you the golfer.

If you've always wanted a golf GPS, there's no need to wait any more. Take a look at www.caddyaidmobile.com and you will surely be impressed by what they offer, at a price which is at long last affordable.

It's the perfect Christmas gift for a golfer, so don't keep it quiet! The news about CaddyAid Mobile Golf GPS, that is. On the course, please turn your phone to 'Silent'.

October 2009


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