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Core Precision Undershirts

£50+ for a vest? That grumbling sound you can hear is your Grandfather turning in his grave. But times change, technology and opinions move forward and I read about these new products from an Australian based company called Equmen and wondered if they could possibly do what they claimed.

Being a natural cynic when you read marketing materials that involve words like "Helix Mapping - Body Response Technology" and photos that involve annoyingly good looking men from the David Beckham clone factory you do begin to wonder a little. Usually along the lines of "Are you kidding me?"

Upon opening the box that contained an allegedly medium sized "Core Precision Undershirt" my thoughts were confirmed. "They are kidding me," as I held an item of clothing that was obviously intended for an eight year old gymnast.

However to my surprise, it fitted, and believe me, I am no gymnast! These shirts are certainly snug and for the average male fit tighter than usual, so they do require a little bit of fiddling to get in to. At first the shirt feels rather restrictive and unnatural, but I do have to say within a few minutes that feeling goes and is replaced (when you think about it) with a "solid" kind of feel. Not that the shirt feels solid in anyway, but more you do inside and the initial restrictive feeling fades as you get used to it.

The most important reaction however was from my girlfriend, and I quote, "Ohh, I like that."

Whilst pretending not to be vain, it does have the very welcome side effect of reducing the waistline an inch or two (I'll not admit to three!). If truth be told I have lost a few pounds of late and am a bit "loose" shall we say around the middle and these shirts do have the wonderful property of squeezing bits in that should be. Whilst not exactly endowing me with the six pack of the David Beckham clones, there was a very noticeable improvement in my profile. Not that I was posing in front of a mirror of course.

Forgetting the aesthetic qualities, what I actually was interested in (honestly) was the claims about the improvements that these garments offered in areas of improved posture and improving core stability. Now for golfers these are the sort of sound bites we hear from coaches, "stability" "rotate through an axis" "solid base" and so on, therefore anything that offers any assistance in this area can only be a plus.

So how does it perform out on the course?

Well I have to say, I'm impressed! Aside from a couple of people asking if I'd lost weight I did like how how the shirt gives a "compact" kind of feeling. It's rather like feeling very slightly compressed around the torso producing the "solid" feel I alluded to earlier. This translates to added confidence and a more centered awareness. When you rotate through the swing there is a definite "core stability" improvement. It might be all psychological, and it's quite hard to define, but if you feel the part, you may well play the part and golf after all is 90% in the mind.

Actually wearing for a round is very comfortable, you really don't notice the shirt unless you think about it and although very tight fitting, it's breathable, so I didn't sweat, which at first I thought I might.

Is it worth it for the golfer? In my opinion it can only help you, whilst it's not magically going to transform your swing, it does lend an air of confidence and stability. Both aesthetically and posturally, if you feel good, you may play better. I'd recommend you give one a try.


Equmen - Europe - http://europe.equmen.com

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