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Pocket Golf Professional by InstructaCard
- simple just got simpler!

We have already sung the praises of the excellent InstructaCard modular lesson cards in an April 2008 review in these pages, but now, applying golfers' feedback and using the same guiding principles of simplicity and practicality, the clever folk at InstructaCard have taken their concept a stage further.

The InstructaCard Pocket Golf Professional - click here to buy it online for only £9.99!

Within its 30 pages and over 100 illustrations, the Pocket Golf Professional covers all aspects of the long game; improving your set-up and swing, increasing your distance and understanding from the nine most common ball flights seen on the golf course what you are doing and why, and how to corrrect it. It's so easy to use, finding the solution is a matter of seconds.

The Pocket edition presents all the advantages of the fuller, modular system. There are 13 cards or lessons, rather than the 30 of the complete set, drawn from the most popular (and arguably most important) of the collection. Slightly smaller than the original cards, it's about the size and shape of a folded scorecard and so fits perfectly into the back pocket of trousers, shorts or skirt.

In every other respect the lessons are identical: 'fault' and 'fix' are demonstrated using the same clear graphics (I particularly like the visualisation of weight-distribution at various stages of the swing by colouring the legs) and the same bullet-point explanations in non-technical, everyday language.

The InstructaCard Pocket Golf Professional - three simple steps to better golf. Click here to buy it online for only £9.99!

All you have to do is slip it in your pocket and head out. Then:

  1. Identify your ball flight, using card no. 1
  2. Find the relevant index tab
  3. Read the lesson and apply

Whilst nothing can replace the tutored eye of a qualified PGA pro, the Pocket Golf Professional does present several distinct advantages over its human counterpart. It is extremely durable, being water-, weather-, grease-, chemical- and tear-proof, only charges once however many lessons you take, doesn't require an appointment, and is always free, even when there's a society visiting and the shop is busy. (By tear-proof, incidentally, we mean you can't rip it when pulling it from your bag or pocket; salty tears of joy or frustration are covered under chemical- and water-proof.)

My only criticism would be that the front cover should allow immediate access to the handy index tabs, rather than covering them up. But then they no doubt want to ensure you read the introduction and the "How to use" section first. And since it's a spiral bound flip-book anyway, I guess you just put the front cover to the back and away you go. I'm niggling, of course, but I had to find something to criticise, otherwise people will think we're not objective...

In my previous review I wrote: "Simplicity and clarity of message is something all too often forgotten in most golf instruction these days, but InstructaCard has, in this golfer's opinion, got it just right. If - whether in desperation or inspiration - you've ever written a single key swing thought on the back of your hand before going out for a round, then you will understand and love these [cards]."

I can't say much more than that this time around. Just that the Pocket Golf Professional is simpler still. And even more handy. It simply, clearly works. Buy it and see for yourself.

At the current special offer price of £9.99, it's also a snip; the normal price is £19.99, and were you to buy the same 13 lessons on individual cards they would cost you £38.87. If you're looking for the perfect, inexpensive stocking-filler for the golfer in your life this Christmas, look no further. The InstructaCard Pocket Golf Professional can be bought online by visiting www.instructacard.co.uk.

Clive Carpenter
September 2008


Counter-top retail packs of 20 books - footprint of just 7x6 inches! Posters also available.
Free standing InstructaCard sales unit

InstructaCard® is also looking for stockists and distributors in the UK and around the world (the cards can be translated if required for a specific market).

Starter packs and high quality counter-top or free-standing point of sale materials are available to pro-shops and resellers (see right).

For more details, please contact the company by email on info@instructacard.co.uk, by phone on +44 (0)1353 650 438, or fill out the online form here: www.instructacard.co.uk

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