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Peter Alliss' Golf Heroes
Virgin Books; New Ed edition (8 Feb 2007)
ISBN-13: 978-0753512104

This 184 page book is the paperback version of the 2002 hardback edition. Written by one of the great commentators and writers of the game of golf known to many as the "Voice of Golf" it's an easy enough book to read, and to coin the well known advertising line, "It does exactly what it says on the cover!"

The book comprises of Peter Alliss' 25 golfing "Heroes" each with a short 2-6 page essay. The selection is pretty predictable Seve Ballesteros to Tiger Woods, covering all the games greats with no surprises at all. Colin Montgomerie is the only player included who isn't a major winner.

At the end of the book there are also a chapters devoted to Women in Golf and Golf's Influential People.

Each essay is prefaced by a page of facts, wins, majors, Ryder Cup record and so forth.

If one can imagine Peter Alliss' voice almost reading to you then the style of writing can easily be pictured, and its an easy read. With lots of short sections its an ideal read for a journey, or to dip into and out from time to time when the mood takes.

As with anything of this type of book the essays are pretty short, usually a recap of the players career highlights, which invariably revolves around their major wins and most interestingly some anecdotes here and there from Peter Alliss.

The only real criticism I would have of the book is that it is a reprint of the 2002 edition, reissued in 2007 and there has only been a very half hearted attempt at updating anything.

Tiger Woods statistical page has been updated to include his recent major wins, but his Ryder Cup record ends in 2002. Colin Montgomerie still only has 7 Order of Merit titles and his Ryder Cup record likewise ends in 2002 and so on. Most of the essays are still fine as they deal with players who no longer play, but there are probably 5 or 6 that could have done with just a minor tweak to bring them up to date. Otherwise they are as the original edition in 2002, which is a shame as would only have taken a little effort to bring this up to date.

Its an entertaining and interesting light read, very safe with nothing controversial and an ideal present for anyone interested in golf at almost any level, from devoted player to armchair enthusiast.


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