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The Shoe Tool

Most golfers pay far too little attention to the state of their spikes, either in renewing them when worn, or keeping them clean during play. Yet how often do you hear those same golfers complaining that their "foot slipped"?

Cleaning one's spikes is never easy, and the modern soft spike gets clogged more easily than the traditional metal. What to use? Most of us take a tee peg or a pitch repairer, but neither is really adapted to the job.

The Shoe Tool will remedy this. Made of strong and durable carbon coated cold rolled steel, it resembles a very small scale spring rake and does an excellent job at raking dirt and grass out of those annoying teeth in soft spikes.


It can also be used to clean trolley wheels and thus keep the boot of your car a good deal cleaner. 5 inches long by 1½ wide, it can clip onto your golf bag. A variety of colours is available and customisation is possible. Check their website for details.

The efficiency of your spikes will directly influence the quality of your golf swing and your ability to generate power. At only £4.99, this is an excellent little tool which can result in real improvements in your game.

Clive Carpenter
June 2006

For more information about The Shoe Tool, visit www.vitalstock.co.uk/shoe-tool.htm


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